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Records Available to the Public Without a Request

Consistent with its obligations under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (“FIPPA”), the School District supports openness and transparency with its stakeholders and members of the community.  The following categories of records have been established by the School District under section 71(1) of the FIPPA as appropriate for disclosure to the public without the need to file an access request.  All of the listed categories are available on the School District’s websites listed below.

CategoryLocationNature of Information*Targeted Release Date
Board of Education Bylawshttps://policy.prn.bc.ca/policies-procedures/Collection of bylaws applicable to the school districtFollowing ratification
Board of Education Policieshttps://policy.prn.bc.ca/policies-procedures/Policies developed by the board of educationFollowing ratification
Public Board Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Materialshttps://policy.prn.bc.ca/board-meeting-schedule/Material related to public board meetingsWithin 60 days
School Calendarshttps://www.prn.bc.ca/district/district-calendars/Annual school calendars developed by the school district and individual schoolsFollowing ratification
Strategic Planhttps://www.prn.bc.ca/board/strategic-plan/Annual strategic plan, the final plan and records related to developmentWithin 30 business days of completion
COVID-19 Safety Planshttps://www.prn.bc.ca/resources/covid-19/COVID-19 related plans for schools and school district facilitiesImmediately following ratification
Statement of Financial Information (SOFI)https://policy.prn.bc.ca/public-documents/financial-statements/Information prepared under the Financial Information ActUpon filing
Annual Budgethttps://policy.prn.bc.ca/public-documents/annual-budgets/As describedOn or before June 30 of each school year
Library Cataloguehttps://prn.insigniails.com/Library/HomeListing of library collectionsWithin 30 days of amendment
Long Range Facilities Planhttps://policy.prn.bc.ca/public-documents/other-documents/Final plan and related consultation documentsWithin 30 days of completion
Summary reports on the status of Current and Capital Projects and Completed Projectshttps://policy.prn.bc.ca/public-documents/other-documents/Summary of the School District's capital projectsWithin 30 days of completion or amendment
*The School District endeavours to post the above listed categories within the listed timeframes, however more time may be needed in some circumstances.