Bus Cancellations

In SD60 our schools are open even when buses do not run. Safety is the paramount reason. We want to ensure that any student who arrives at the door is welcomed inside. Many students in our district ride school buses every day. Bus drivers will not operate their buses if they feel that it would be unsafe to do so. In most cases, bus cancellations will be decided on a route-by-route basis in consultation with the Transportation Supervisor. Each route, in our large district, has unique road conditions as well as unique weather.

By policy, drivers will contact families if their route is cancelled. Please make certain that transportation and your school has up to date contact information for your family.

Parents make the decision about whether their child will attend school during inclement weather.

When Environment Canada forecasts extreme temperatures all students are reminded to dress in layers and dress warmly. Students taking the school bus or city transit are reminded that buses may be a few minutes late due to driving conditions, so please ensure you are dressed properly for the weather. Parents may wish to wait with their child at the bus stop until the bus arrives.

Anyone driving to school during inclement weather should allow extra time for travel. Slow down and arrive safely at your destination.

Bus cancellations affecting most of or the entire district will be be posted to our website, Twitter, and Facebook.

Individual route status updates and registration information are available on the Facilities & Transportation page.