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Key Learning Centre

The Key Learning Centre offers distributed and at home learning options for families in our district and in British Columbia. Programs include K-9, course in grades 10-12, and adult education. See for more information.

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Feeder Schools

Our elementary schools feed into a middle or secondary school depending on their configuration. Where you live determines your elementary catchment. Use the locator tool above to determine your elementary catchment. The table below explains which elementary schools travel to which middle/secondary schools. In town both middle schools feed into North Peace Secondary School for grade 10-12 or the Energetic Learning Campus for grade 10 then NPSS for 11-12.

SchoolFeeder Schools
Bert BowesCM Finch, Charlie Lake, Ecole Central, Margaret Ma Murray, Taylor
Dr. KearneyAlwin Holland, Anne Roberts Young, Baldonnel, Bert Ambrose, Duncan Cran, Robert Ogilvie, Upper Pine (after grade 8)
French Immersion attends three specific schoolsEcole Central > Bert Bowes > North Peace Secondary
Hudson's HopeHudson's Hope is a K-12 school
PrespatouPrespatou is a K-12 school. Students from Buick Creek feed into Prespatou.
North Peace SecondaryBert Bowes, Dr. Kearney, Clearview, Wonowon (after grade 9), ELC