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Spring Break!

This is a reminder that our spring break runs for two weeks starting on Monday, March 18. Schools reopen on April 1st, no joke!

We hope everyone has a restful break and enjoys the good weather outside!

New Playground Funding – Duncan Cran

The Government of British Columbia is providing funding for new playgrounds this year across the province including a new $105,000 accessible playground at Duncan Cran Elementary School.

Superintendent of Schools, Dave Sloan welcomed the additional funding saying, “We are very pleased to be part of this grant to support playgrounds in our district this year.”

Duncan Cran Principal Griff Peet is excited about what this means for students at the school. “I think this is a great opportunity for full inclusion of our students at Duncan Cran School.”

From the government news release available at

Playgrounds are a key factor in a child’s development and learning. They encourage outdoor physical activity, help students learn how to share, overcome challenges and help them focus and learn more effectively in the classroom.



Reporting Pilot in SD60

In June of 2018 the Ministry of Education requested Districts to participate in a Reporting Pilot for the 2018-2019 school year. SD60 was accepted into the pilot group in late June. Interested schools were asked to identify themselves to the District. Conversations with District staff, Principals, and Teachers began in late June through September to select pilot schools where significant teacher interest was indicated.

The five schools participating in the pilot are

  • Alwin Holland
  • Duncan Cran
  • Taylor
  • Upper Halfway
  • Wonowon

Our Goal

Along with providing feedback to the Ministry of Education we are working with schools and teachers to consider how we can change reporting in School District 60 so that it is more timely, strength based, and better for supporting a student’s learning. Feedback will be provided to the Board of Education for consideration for a future reporting policy.

What does the pilot entail?

The Ministry of Education is looking for feedback from schools and districts to inform a Grade K-9, and possibly a Grade 10-12, Reporting Order. A Reporting Order sets forth requirements on districts, schools, and teachers as to what is reported and how often reporting is to happen.

Currently we have a temporary reporting order in K-9 that allows school districts to choose one of two options. Option A requires Board policy that allows for more timely, rich communication of a student’s learning. Option B more closely matches the traditional report card practices. School District 60 currently uses Option B. For more on the Reporting Order details please see .

The pilot group is using requirements that are a modification of Option A. The minimum requirements are as follows:

  • Summary of Progress at end of year or student leaving school (Using the provincial Student Information System MyEducation BC )
  • 3 Core Competency reflections at end of year with artifact from student’s work
  • Multiple points of progress during the year with the following requirements
    • No surprises for families
    • Ongoing conversations with Strength based descriptive feedback
    • Two times where well-being / engagement / behaviour is reported
    • Two written/electronic reports (can be documentation of Phone calls / Parent-Teacher / Student-Led conference)
    • Developing 3 core competencies during year
    • All areas of learning have descriptive feedback at least once during year
    • A proficiency scale is given for all areas of learning at least once during year (ADST and Careers will remain as descriptive feedback)

The traditional report cards in the fall and spring will not be provided at the pilot schools. The Summary of Progress at the end of the school year

Proficiency Scale

The three different scales (K Scale, Primary Scale, Intermediate Letter Grades) currently in use in K-9 for pilot schools will be replaced with one proficiency scale shown below.

  • Emerging (EMG) – Developing (DEV) – Proficient (PRF) – Extending (EXT)

The aim is for students to reach proficiency. A letter grade conversion table is available for parents with students in grades 4-9 who request it.

This four-point proficiency scale aligns with the proficiency scale used in the new Graduation Assessments.


The embedded presentation below has been given at some of the Parent nights and PAC sessions


Survey – the survey for parents in participating schools is available until March 31, 2019 at


Questions or Feedback

If you have any questions or feedback please feel free to contact your school Principal if you are a parent or student in a school participating in the reporting pilot. You may also contact the Director of Instruction,


Skills Canada Regional Results

Students from School District #60 participated in the Skills Canada Regional Competition in Dawson Creek on February 22nd, 2019.  Students had a chance to showcase their talents in Trades and Technology and explore future career pathways.
Gold Medalists will be representing the Peace Region in Abbotsford at the Skills Canada Provincial competition on  April 17th, 2019. Congratulation to all participants! Here are the results for SD60 students.

Carpentry (PS)
Gold – Tommy Bullert – NPSS

Electrical Wiring (Sec)
Gold – James Velkjar – NPSS

Graphic Design (Sec)
Gold – Shara Cote – NPSS

Hairdressing (Sec)
Gold – Amanda Beuckurt – NPSS
Silver – Paulina Prouse – NPSS
Bronze – Carissa Coy – NPSS

Job Interview (Sec)
Bronze – Kaitlyn Campbell- NPSS

Jr. Skills – Spaghetti Bridge  
Gold – Hailey Loewen/Heather Sieman/Aubery Wall/Tyson Froese –

Jr. Skills – Sumo Robot  
Gold – Nathan Janzen – Prespatou
Silver – Braden Fehr- Prespatou
Bronze – Melvin Dyck- Prespatou

Jr. Skills – Wind Turbine
Gold – Nicholos MacMillant & Brody Daniele (Dr. Kearney 2.14 Volt)
Silver – Nathan Giesbrecht, Zach Swift & Charlie Gladne (Dr. Kearney 1.95 Volt)
Bronze – Kinden Loch & Brady Michey (Bert Ambrose – 1.87 Volt)

Public Speaking (Sec)
Gold – Arya (Xinkai) Xu. – NPSS
Silver – Erica Thomas Schulenburg – NPSS

Robotics (Sec)
Gold – Carl Berresheim & Jacob Van Volkenberg – NPSS
Bronze – Mathew Klassen, Daniel Bergen & Amos Janzen – Prespatou

Welding (Sec)
Gold – Mason MacDonald- NPSS

Work Place Safety
Gold – Tyler Kitt – NPSS
Silver – Jacob McInnis – NPSS
Bronze – Harvansh Singh – NPSS

Senior Alternate Students Wish Fort St John Seniors a Happy Valentine’s Day.

Senior Alternate students spent some time while NPSS was closed recently to make cards and do some baking for local seniors. Read more at