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Catchment Area Scenario Maps – Anne Roberts Young

Changes to catchment areas are required to populate Anne Roberts Young Elementary School, scheduled to open September 2020, as well as create space at neighbouring schools.

Three catchment area proposed scenarios have been shared during our first public meeting and will be shared at two more on November 19th, 2019 and November 25, 2019

The scenarios are used to gather public feedback for the Board of Education. Other scenarios may be created for the Board to consider based on this feedback.

For more information on the next public meetings please see

Written comments can be dropped off at the School Board Office at 10112 105 Ave or emailed to prior to December 19th, 2019.

Common Features of Each Scenario

In each of the three presented scenarios

  • Areas north of 100th Ave currently in Robert Ogilvie catchment will move to Anne Roberts Young.
  • Areas along the airport road that are in Robert Ogilvie catchment including the flower streets near the airport roundabout will move to Anne Roberts Young.
  • Margaret Ma Murray catchment East of 100 st will change. Potential movement of current or only future students in that area will be determined at a future date
  • Students attending Baldonnel who live along Swanson Lumber Road or in Forest Lawn will remain at Baldonnel

Scenario A

Scenario B

Scenario C

Numerical Analysis

The above image and following PDF contains numerical analysis by scenario and projections for five years.

The following three files show numbers of students by grade along with projections for each scenario.

Current Catchment Map

Upcoming Public Meetings

Site C Student Tour

Thank you to community partners that help us make connections between local projects and curriculum for our students! The following was contributed by Mr Jeff Mayer from the NPSS Careers Department.

Late in October, students were treated to a tour of the Site C dam site-courtesy of SNC-Lavalin and BC Hydro.  Students were bused down to the site, along with many other professionals including engineers, geologists, and environmental specialists. The conversation was lively and the questions were very technical.  Students gained valuable insight into the processes, procedures, and problems that can arise with such a large scale project.  

We would like to thank BC Hydro’s Mike and Linsday, and Scott at SNC-Lavalin for thinking about SD 60 when it came to planning a tour of this project.  

Lest We Forget

Take time this day and every day to remember our Veterans as well as Canadian Forces personnel who serve today in many parts of our world. Many have given their lives in the service of our nation and our people.

Ceremonies in Fort St John begin with a parade November 11th, at 10:00 am at the Royal Canadian Legion.

Lest We Forget

SD60 Buses Cancelled – Friday, November 8, 2019

Due to poor side road conditions, all SD60 buses are cancelled today, Friday November 8, 2019. Schools remain open.

Punkin Chuckin Challenge

Moneca Conway, Career Programs Co-ordinator, has provided the following story about a recent challenge school teams threw in on.

School teams come together for the annual SD#60 Punkin Chuckin Challenge, that is inspired by the Applied, Design, Skills and Technology (ADST) curriculum
In the challenge, schools receive a mini and a large catapult kit. In the mini catapult kit, teachers are given supplies and directions for their entire class, on how to create five different catapults. In an effort to inspire student’s creativity and ingenuity. After completing the mini catapult, teams are established and the groups are given the task to build a large catapult using the supplies given within the second kit. This catapult will then be used to fling pumpkins at the Punkin Chuckin Launch event held at NPSS.  During the launch, school groups will put their catapults to the test, taking turns firing pumpkins, the furthest pumpkin launched will win.

For more information please contact
Moneca Conway

Career Programs Co-ordinator School District #60

Phone: (250)785-4429  EXT 324