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For Immediate Release – 06/10/2016 – Water Quality

In the spring of 2016 the Ministry of Education requested that school districts work to ensure the quality of drinking water available in their facilities. Working with Northern Health and an accredited independent laboratory, School District 60 began water quality testing in the spring which found all sites to be in compliance with the parameters for safe drinking water as established by Health Canada.

Subsequent to further testing at all sites after the summer closure period, the district is establishing a systematic program of flushing water lines at sites where water sitting in pipes for an extended period increases the risk of lead exposure to the water system. In the post summer testing, four sites were found to have lead concentrations that had risen above acceptable limits. Flushing has occurred at these sites.

The attached letter from Superintendent Dave Sloan includes the test results for Post Summer Sampling, and Operational Sampling. Additional test results will be published as they become available to us.

The district remains committed to providing safe clean water at all sites for our students and staff.

Water-test-06-16-2016-community-letter (PDF)

For More Information contact:

Office of the Superintendent of Schools
School District 60
Phone: 250-262-6017

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Ministry of Education – Parent Feedback on Reporting

With the new K-9 curriculum the Ministry of Education is looking for parent feedback about how reporting can best reflect student learning.

You are able to share your thoughts with the Ministry via until February 28.

The letter below will be distributed by schools. You can click on the image below for a PDF copy.


Shoulder Tappers

For many years in School District 60 there have been excellent partnerships that have lead to great opportunities for students. Connections have often been made through staff learning about students’ interests inside and outside of school. A Provincial program called Shoulder Tappers is helping to spread that strategy beyond SD60.

Registration Required for Busing

Please note that even though the transportation fee was rescinded, parents are still required to register for busing. Without a registration Transportation is not able to include students on bus runs. The registration form is available in the link below:


If you have already completed a registration form for the 2016-2017 year you do not need to do another one.

For all questions regarding busing please contact Transportation at 250-785-1577


Help keep our kids safe

school zoneSchool zones are back in effect on school days from 8am – 5pm and school buses will be picking up and dropping of students along our regional routes.

Please slow down through school zones and stop from either direction for a bus with their stop lights active.

For information on our SafeStop program to share with your family or business please see 

Thank you for helping keep our kids safe!