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Current "Peaces"

NPSS Biology Hospital Visit

A story from the NPSS Science Department:

The Biology classes from NPSS are grateful to the FSJ Hospital and Northern Health for providing the opportunity to attend a well organized mini job shadow program in the hospital.  These students selected 5 out of 13 departments in the hospital that have made themselves available to take the students around for a behind the scenes tour.  To promote careers in the health sciences, the students learned of numerous careers in the hospital through touring around with these department leaders, showing them the ins and outs of the job.  The students networked and some made connections for future job shadowing, volunteering, and work experience.  It was a pleasure to see so many health care workers proudly sharing their careers that they love and exciting to see so much enthusiasm and interest from the students!​

Group Hospital OR Hospital

Library System Update

We have a newly updated library system with some very nice options to search for books in each school library as well as our ebooks available to students in grade 5-12.

The new library search is available directly at

For more information on our libraries, our ebook Follett Shelf, and links to community libraries please hover over the Students menu above and click on Libraries


Bat Houses – Project Partnership

Two Biology 11 classes from North Peace Secondary School, a Science class from Bert Bowes, and a Science class from Prespatou are constructing 50 maternity bat houses for the Bat Conservation Project in the Peace River area.  This is a project in partnership with the Forest Land and Natural Resources Operations (Ministry of the Environment), Charlie Lake Conservation Society and Ducks Unlimited.  The boxes the classes have created will be distributed to members of the community to provide a habitat for the bats while collecting data on the bats for the Ministry.  This is a unique and exciting opportunity for the students. Community volunteers will be sought out shortly to take the responsibility as a bat box caretaker.

Energy Diet Challenge – Duncan Cran

Duncan Cran has another innovative project in this year’s Energy Diet Challenge. You can view and vote for their video at

Spring Break

The School Board office will be closed until Tuesday, April 7th, 2015 at 8am for the spring vacation.

Our Facilities department remains open through the break and can be reached at 250-785-1577.

Technology Services remains open through the break and  can be reached at 250-785-4357 (7am-3:30pm).