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Let’s Do Science!

A group of SD60 secondary science teachers, elementary and middle school teachers, local science experts, and students recently explored the new science curriculum to share lesson ideas and resources.  The objective was to create a resource that Grades 4 – 7 teachers can access to support their planning of lessons that align with the new curriculum. 

Through this collaborative effort, a website has been created that provides teachers in Grades 4 – 7 with links to lesson plans, field trip ideas, local experts, resources, and more information on scientific issues that affect our community.  The resources are organized by content area as well as curriculum by grade level and the website can be found at



Public Meeting Reminder – New Curriculum – Jan 27 @ 7pm

This is a reminder that there will be a public meeting regarding the new BC Curriculum Wednesday, January 27, 2016 at 7:00pm at the School Board Office.

For more information on the new BC Curriculum please see the following links:

2016 Parent Conference

Registration is now available for the 2016 Parent Conference – Celebrating Families in the North.

Saturday, January 30, 2016 at North Peace Secondary School

8:30 am – 2:45 pm with Lunch Provided.

Sponsored by SD60 Peace River North, CCRR, and Family Friendly Coalition.

Online Registration –

Print Registration – Registration Package for Print

Additional Non-Instructional Days

Two Non-Instructional Days have been added to the 2015-2016 year to examine the new curriculum in the Province of British Columbia.

The two days will be Friday, February 26th, 2016 and Monday, May 16th, 2016. Schools will be closed during these non-instructional days.

Public Meeting

There will be a public meeting about the new curriculum at the School Board Office on Wednesday, January 27, 2016 at 7:00pm.

For More information please see the linked PDF below

Two Additional Non-Instructional Days: New Curriculum (PDF)


Skills Canada

Looking for a way to increase student participation and excitement regarding STEM learning? Would you like to expose your students to an engaging, challenging opportunity to apply their learning outside of the classroom in a fun competition peers from across Northeastern BC? Junior Skills activities promote students to think critically design and collaborate with classmates to create a finished product they will put to the test at the:
Regional Skills Competition

February 19 at Northern Lights College.

There are four events for students in grades 6 – 10 to participate in:

Gravity Vehicle: Students build and design their own car from various materials. The cars are then raced down the gravity vehicle track to determine the fastest design.

Spaghetti Bridge: In teams (of 2-4) students engineer bridges using spaghetti and hot glue. The winning group will have the lightest bridge that is able to hold a 1 kg weight for 60 seconds.

Gear Bots: Using NXT/EV3 Mindstorms®, VEX IQ® or the FisherTechnik® platforms, students engineer and program a robotic device to complete a variety of missions in a set period of time.

Sumo Robots: Using repurposed material students design and create their own robot and controller. The day of the event the robots compete in head to head sumo competitions where the last robot in the ring wins. As this event is a great spectator attraction students are encourage to create robots with some flare.

Secondary School events:

Animation                              AutoCAD                                 Mechanics

Baking                                    Culenary Arts                        Cabinet Making

Carpentry                              Grapic Design                        Hairdressing

Job Interview                         Public Speaking                     Robotics

TV Video                                 Welding

For More Information please contact Eric Palibroda via NPSS or at epalibroda (at)