Update #7 COVID-19 – March 27, 2020 – Continuity of Learning – Press Release

The following are messages from School Board Chair Helen Gilbert and Superintendent Stephen Petrucci. Below these messages you can find information on our continuity of learning plan.

Dear Parents,

Thank you in advance for your continued support and patience while we develop plans to do things in our schools in ways that we have never had to do them before. Our district is working in a very fluid environment to develop plans to support continued learning for our students. We have been fortunate to have dedicated staff who have given up their spring break as they worked to develop plans for maintaining healthy and safe environments for students, families and employees as we move to new ways of learning and teaching.

Today is the last day of spring break and also the day the Ministry of Education has released three significant planning tools for districts and schools to follow. Our staff needs time to look at these documents and integrate them with the work that has already been done in our district. The plans being developed will be based on direction from the Public Health Officer as well as the Ministry of Education.

As our staff returns to work next week further information will be coming to families about individual school plans. We know that the care, concern and connections that your children have with their schools is valued. The ability to connect in new ways will know no limits as our district creativity is tapped into.


Helen Gilbert
SD60 Board Chair

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your continued patience as our society works through a health crisis that is evolving on a daily basis. These are unprecedented times and many of you are living through very challenging personal/family situations. We cannot stress enough how important it is to follow the recommendations of the BC Public Health Officer.

In the midst of this uncertainty, School Districts are being called upon to play a special role in British Columbia. Not only do we value the continuation of learning for our students, we want to support our HealthCare system and its front line workers. We are proud to answer this call as public servants and deliver these essential services.

As the Ministry of Education indicated in its last letter to parents, school staff will be working on their education plans next week. You can expect an initial communication from your teacher next week and then the delivery of educational programming the following week.

It is critical that the public do not try and access school buildings next week. Not only are staff creating plans, they are also putting into place safety protocols so that all employees can work safely while still respecting the parameters of physical distancing. It is this essential preparation that will put us on a solid footing for the weeks to come. Among others, there will be questions on retrieving personal items, textbooks and school supplies. School principals will communicate a response to these questions next week.

I have great confidence in the commitment and skill set of our employees to provide these essential services, with your support. There will be stumbles along the way as we are shaping an entirely new educational reality. We continue to rely on you as partners and co-educators through this next phase. I am very grateful to live and work in a community that has such a consistent history of coming together when the need arises.

Jointly, let us lead with compassion and creativity as “Together We Learn”
Stephen Petrucci

Information for families on our plan for continuity of learning is available at https://bit.ly/SD60COLF

Some key points from our learning continuity plan linked above are available below.

  • In-class instruction is cancelled. There is no date when regular classes will resume.
  • School staff will be working from March 30-April 3 to retool towards supporting home learning.
  • Schools aim to get materials to families starting the week of April 6.
  • Planning to support vulnerable students is ongoing. Families in need will be contacted about support.
  • Learning is important and it should continue at home.
  • Learning at home does not need to be the same in length of time or delivery as at school.
  • Teachers will be communicating regularly with families and students.
  • Public should not enter school buildings without a specific invitation and time. Schools will be in touch about plans to safely enter to retrieve any items needed.

Collected updates and resources, including the continuity of learning information is available on our COVID-19 page.

Our communication channels include our primary channel, www.prn.bc.ca , social media via www.facebook.com/sd60prn & www.twitter.com/sd60, and email.

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