Skills Canada Peace Region Competitions Winners

soldering electronics

Skills Canada Peace Region Competitions Winners

Dawson Creek, February 14, 2020

Skills Canada BC competitions create an interactive and engaging environment to expose young people to skilled trade and technology careers who attend the competitions annually.

Students are provided with many opportunities to experience a wide variety of skilled trade & technology careers by: watching the competitions, participating in Try-a-Skill demonstrations, networking with the industry and educational experts in attendance.

It is the goal of Skills Canada BC to showcase the skilled trades & technologies as first choice for careers to the thousands of young people who attend the competitions annually.

Below are the medalists from School District #60 from the competition held on February 14th at Northern Lights College in Dawson Creek.

JrSkills Gearbots(Lego Robotics)

Gold     Tyler Klassen, Kurtis Loewen (Prespatou Elem/Secondary)

Gold     Joseph Loewen, Logan Fehr (Prespatou Elem/Secondary)

JrSkills Gravity Car

Gold     Josiah Vaccaro  (Bert Bowes Middle school)

Silver    Easton Cowger (Bert Bowes Middle school)

Bronze Zaiden Cowger (Bert Bowes Middle school)

Jr Skills Sumo Robot

Gold     Braden Fehr (Prespatou Elem/Secondary)

Silver   Jarrod Wiebe (Prespatou Elem/Secondary)

Bronze Markus Loewen (Prespatou Elem/Secondary)

Jr Skills Spaghetti Bridge

Gold     Levi Reimer, Shawn Wiebe       (Prespatou Elem/Secondary)

Silver    Amy Lass, Trudy Bueckert, Joanne Giesbrecht, Joanne Wiebe     (Prespatou Elem/Secondary)

Bronze Walter Braun, Maverick Blackmore, Timber Blackmore  (Baldonnel Elementary School)

Jr Skills Wind Turbine

Gold     Hailey Kent, Ranita Luo, Nadia Noble, Charlyn Flinsky (Bert Ambrose Elementary)

Silver    Jonathan Toews, Elijah Lindh, Zach Bougie (Bert Ambrose Elementary)

Bronze Natalia Lock, Maverick Hunt, Elizabeth Bojczuk (Bert Ambrose Elementary)


Silver    Payton Simpson (North Peace Secondary)

Electrical Wiring(Sec)

Bronze Ethyn Volz (North Peace Secondary)

Silver    James Velkjar   (Northern Lights College)

Graphic Design(Sec)

Gold     Brenna Halbert (North Peace Secondary)

Bronze Isabella Sasyn (North Peace Secondary)


Gold     Dalene Schafer (North Peace Secondary)

Silver    Heather Bramsleven (North Peace Secondary)

Bronze Daelyn Chartier, Gracie Chapple (North Peace Secondary)


Gold     Tylan Fleet (North Peace Secondary)


Gold     Adam Rogers, Justin Kennedy (North Peace Secondary)

Bronze Kurt Lim, Patrick Niyomwungere, Isaac Chong (North Peace Secondary)