SD60 Mission and Dream Statement


All of our students will graduate, crossing the stage with dignity and grace.

Dream Statement

We are a community of learners striving together to build success for all. We have a safe, healthy and welcoming environment. Staff and students connect through caring and laughter.

All members of our learning community are valued and respected. Cultural differences are honored. We all belong.

We nurture body, mind and spirit and believe in finding the beauty in every human being.

We provide a variety of learning environments, both in and outside of the classroom and through the integration of technology. With the help of our community partners, we involve students in authentic learning experiences.

Students discover and pursue their interests and strengths. They are actively engaged and are willing to step outside their comfort zone in order to challenge their learning.

We are excited about our learning. We take time to share our stories and celebrate success. We are proud to see students become more confident in their skills and abilities, open to on-going learning, and prepared to make a difference in our world.


The five core ethical values seen as most important to guide our daily lives include:


Values In Dane-zaa
Respect- Dane ęjíínúúnaleh
You have Compassion -Tsʼúúnayéh
Honesty – lhǫʔeh
Responsibility (from ‘you pack it’) -Dááhwǫ́ghelh
Relationship. (they are together) – Ęhtah we̱s̱ʔǫh.

Thank you to the Doig River First Nation Language team for the translation.


Our goals are listed in our Framework for Enhancing Student Learning.

Together We Learn