Project Heavy Duty in Action

There are four stations set up on the main Project Heavy Duty location, each reflecting a different aspect of the heavy construction industry in the North Peace region. These stations include the construction of a road, a pipeline division, a dirt moving component and an active logging operation.

Three to five pieces of heavy equipment are designated at each station. Sixteen high school students are organized into four groups. Student groups spend a full day at each specific site, taking turns on various pieces of equipment on that station, as directed by the site foreman. The students receive individualized instruction relating to the maintenance and operation of each machine by experienced operators in the industry.

The job site is set up with a camp trailer, latrines and first aid services. The day starts at 7:00am and concludes at 5:00pm. Safety procedures on the site are clearly outlined to students at “tailgate meetings” at the beginning of each day.

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