What is Project Heavy Duty?

Project Heavy Duty is a program offered by School District No.60 where approximately sixteen senior high school students have the opportunity to learn about and operate many kinds of heavy equipment. Under the close supervision of qualified operators students receive hands-on training with heavy equipment such as crawler/dozers, excavators, graders, rock trucks and a variety of logging equipment on a job site.

Who is supplying all the equipment and services needed for Project Heavy Duty?

Numerous local contractors, businesses and other agencies generously supply equipment and operators, facilities, fuel, first aid, security, communications equipment and other services required for the project. A list of project sponsors is provided on this website.

When and where will Project Heavy Duty take place?

The project is scheduled for five full working days in late May of each year. Students selected for the project do not attend regular classes during that time. Project Heavy Duty takes place close to Fort St. John and the exact location varies, depending on development that is required.

What safety precautions are being taken?

Safety is of utmost concern to all those involved in organizing Project Heavy Duty. Students will receive training in site safety from WorkSafe officers and other safety personnel at the beginning of the week. All WorkSafe guidelines for standard work sites are followed and students receive one on one safety instruction from qualified operators before operating each piece of equipment. Qualified operators remain on the equipment with student operators and site supervisors are assigned to each area of the project.

What are the benefits to students participating in Project Heavy Duty?

Students who take part in this project benefit in many ways:
– hands-on experience with heavy equipment adds to skills for possible future employment
– exposure to different career choices
– opportunity to meet local business people and potential employers
– experience on real life job site
– learn valuable skills relating to safety at the workplace
– learn various job application skills, ie.writing applications, resumes, interviews

How are students selected for the program?

Students submit an application form and resume’ at their high school and are interviewed for selection into the project. Students from North Peace Secondary, Hudson’s Hope, Prespatou and Distance Education are eligible. Factors to be considered in selecting students for the project include:
– career goals
– positive work attitude
– strong interest in the project
– regular school attendance
– maintaining educational program

Where can I find more information on Project Heavy Duty?

Richard Koop, Project Coordinator – 261-1456
Don Goodbun, Industry Consultant – 261-0132

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  1. Our company would be interested in participating in this program. We are involved in the Hoisting & Rigging (Crane) Industry in the Peace Region of B.C. and Alberta. We also require Heavy Duty Mechanics that service our fleet of cranes and trucks.

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