Northern BC Regional Science Fair news

A team of dedicated volunteers with the Northern BC Regional Science Fair have worked hard over countless hours to provide an excellent learning opportunities for students in SD59, SD60, and SD81. 97 students participated in a virtual fair this year and submitted a total of 89 projects. Thank you to everyone in our community and schools that work to support students in exciting learning opportunities like this. The following is from NBCRSF Chairperson Jennie Copeland,

We have now made it to the final few days of the fair, the last session of judging is just finishing up. Projects will be “live” (viewable to the public) on Thursday, April 1 at 3:00 pm. 
The public will be able to review the fair’s projects at: (Select “Northern British Columbia” from the drop down list) https://projectboardworld/ysc/regional .
The public will be able to nominate the project they think is best at this Microsoft Form: https://forms.officecom/r/nE6E4t23Ja until Wednesday, April 7th at 12 pm, which will then be compiled to select the “People’s Choice” Award for the fair. The judges score sheets will be tallied and medals will be determined, as well as decisions will now be made on who will receive the other Awards being offered by the fair—there are thousands of dollars of prizes to be won by the students that participate in this fair.
Once the final decisions have been made, the virtual Awards Ceremony will be live next Friday, April 9, at 1:00pm, a link will be available on the NBCRSF Facebook page and website:  Watch for the final decision as to who will be the 5 students that will represent Northern BC at the upcoming virtual National Science Fair, Canada Wide Science Fair, in May.
As a committee we are very grateful to the wonderful sponsors who step up year after year to donate funds to keep this fair going, as well as many of their employees volunteer to take time out of the busy schedules to help with judging over the past week. 
We hope that this experience has been a positive one for the budding young scientists in our region (SD59, SD60 and SD81) and look forward to seeing where they continue their pursuits in STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics) in their futures.
Thank you
Jennie Copeland
Northern BC Regional Science Fair Society
Chairperson/CWSF Liaison