Monthly Superintendent’s Report and SD60 Updates – November 2022


Superintendent’s Report
The Superintendent’s monthly report is available at

Board Meeting Recording
Our public Board Meeting was held Monday. Due to technical difficulties our recording is not available.

The schedule, agenda, and meeting packages for board meetings are available at

Reporting Policy Framework – Changes for 2023-2024

The framework linked below provides an overview of the upcoming changes to the K-12 Student Reporting Policy. This policy is set to be implemented for the 2023-2024 school year. This framework aligns student reporting with the redesigned curriculum and provincial assessment system. The work is the result consultation and engagement with rightsholders, education partners, teachers, parents, caregivers, students, and the public over the past several years.

The Ministry of Education and Child Care will be working with a team of teachers and administrators to collaboratively construct resources for educators, parents, caregivers, and students. You can see what is changing and what is staying the same at

You can also provide feedback to SD60 on the framework components that will help us implement the changes for the upcoming school year through this survey at

Further information is available on our website at

Upcoming Dates
November 23, 24 – Early Dismissal Days – Check with your school for details.
November 25 – Non-Instructional Day for Parent-Teacher Interviews – Check with your school for details.
December 19 – January 2 Schools Closed for Christmas Vacation
January 3 – Schools re-open after Christmas Vacation

For more information on the district calendar please see

School Contacts
You can find phone numbers and websites for schools along with a school catchment locator at