June 2021 Superintendent’s Report and Updates

Superintendent’s Report
The Superintendent’s June report is available at https://togetherwelearn.prn.bc.ca/2021/06/18/superintendents-report-june-2021/

Board Meeting Recording
Our public Board Meeting was livestreamed last night and is available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAzs725hDwk including information on our annual budget . The schedule, agenda, and meeting packages for board meetings are available at https://policy.prn.bc.ca/board-meeting-schedule/

Registration for school is available in-person by appointment until June 30, 2021 before closing for the summer break. Please check school websites for more information about their availability in late August. See https://www.prn.bc.ca/register-for-school/ for more information.

Before and After School Care
Our BASC program is available at Alwin Holland, Bert Ambrose, Duncan Cran, and Robert Ogilvie. To register and for more information visit https://www.prn.bc.ca/programs/before-and-after-school-care/ . We are working on ways to provide service to students at other sites.

Family Summer Literacy Boost
SD60 is pleased to announce a free program for parents with children in the primary grades.  In collaboration with School District No. 91,  Dr. Mort from Joyful Literacy and funding from the Federal government, these resources are free and can be viewed/downloaded from our District website at https://www.prn.bc.ca/programs/joyful-literacy-family-summer-literacy-boost/