Coding in SD60 – Hour of Code Results

In the fall of 2016 staff in K-9 schools started on a path to coding district wide. Principals and Teacher leads from schools completed Hour of Code activities and planned together how to bring the experience to all students in K-9. Between December and February approximately 85% of students have completed an hour of code […]

Hour of Code

SD60 is excited to announce that students in K-9 this winter will participate in an Hour of Code. Activities may include unplugged computational thinking activities and online activities freely available to everyone at . We are also encouraging students and teachers in grade 10-12 to participate.

Coding is included in the new British […]

Letter from the Minister of Education

Please read and share the attached letter to parents linked below from the Minister of Education, Mike Bernier, which discusses new curriculum and the upcoming school year.

190266 Parents_Public Schools Letter – Minister of Education