Wonowon Elementary

Wonowon Elementary
10112 105 Avenue
Fort St John, BC V1J 4S4
Phone: (250)772-3353
Fax: (250)772-3354
Web: https://wonowon.prn.bc.ca

Wonowon is a rural elementary school located at mile 101 of the historic Alaska
Highway, which is about 90km north of Fort St. John.

Wonowon School receives administrative assistance from SD60’s Rural Principal and
employs three full-time teachers, with one teacher assuming the role of Head Teacher.
The school also employs three Educational Assistants and receives weekly/monthly on-
site support from Learning Services – Learning Assistance, English Language Learners
(ELL), English as a Second Dialect (ESD), and Speech-Language Therapy, as well as
Technology Services – Library, Curriculum with Technology (CWT), and Technology

Approximately 85% of our student population are English Language Learners (ELL) from
families where English is not their first language; 50% of these students receive ELL
support.  The school’s Educational Assistants are an important part of our ELL
instructional team. There are no aboriginal students at Wonowon Elementary School.
Wonowon is a very close-knit community with large and extended families.  Most
students spend a great deal of time together both inside and outside of school.  This
closeness creates a unique dynamic in classrooms, the gym and playground. This
unique dynamic has made a built-in support system for students among each other,
allowing for strong relationships between the school and community.  Older students
support and model leadership towards younger students.
The school has three classrooms, a gym and outdoor play area, which includes an
outdoor skating rink.  There is a joint use agreement between the Wonowon Horse Club
and School District 60 for the use of the gym attached to the school.

Name Title Phone Email
Brienne Weightman Head Teacher 250-772-3353 bweightman*
Pat Lang Principal plang*
Lori-Lee LeBreton Secretary 250-785-1577 llebreton*
* add @prn.bc.ca

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