Hudson’s Hope Elem/Jr Secondary

Hudson’s Hope Elem/Jr Secondary
10441 Holland Street
Hudson’s Hope, BC V0C 1V0
Phone: (250)783-9994
Fax: (250)783-5465

Hudson’s Hope School is a beautiful rural school located in Hudson’s Hope, B.C., situated within a short walking distance to the mighty Peace River. We enroll a population of 143 students ranging from Kindergarten to Grade 12, with approximately 30% First Nations students.  We also have a bustling Strong Start Center. Nearly half of our students are bussed, with the rest within walking distance. Our school has a staffing complement of 12 teachers and 6 support staff. Hudson’s Hope school enjoys itinerant access to a range of services including speech, hearing, physiotherapy, and counseling.

The elementary “wing” of our school consists of 89 students with 4 divisions.  All classes are multi-grade.

The secondary wing of our school consists of 54 students from grades seven to twelve.  Our school provides a Graduation Program with choices for both academic and non-academic students.  Students from grades 7-12 are given at least one elective choice per semester. We are very proud of the diverse courses we are able to off our students such as Tech-Ed, Cafeteria, Equine Studies, Natural Horsemanship, Metal Fabrication, Woodwork, Robotics, Media Arts, Outdoor Recreation, Skateboarding, Musical Theater, and many other Fine Arts…including Silk Screening!  In addition to required Graduation Program courses, students are offered correspondence, on-line programs, and work experience depending on employer availability.

Our school has an active Parent Advisory Council and a supportive parent community.  As a result of our staff and parent support, we have many additional activities to promote growth within our school.  Fundraising and volunteer spirit has resulted in a new playgrounds, a beautiful climbing wall, and strong support for our PBIS functions, classroom goals, and field trips.

As a Kindergarten to Grade Twelve school, we believe we are in a unique position to provide mentoring opportunities for students.  Our focus is to create a school that is a community. As such, we have placed a strong emphasis on creating a school-wide code of conduct that involved input from students, staff, and parents.  Our secondary students and upper intermediate students are involved in mentorship opportunities in order to build relationships at all age levels. Social responsibility has been an important focus for our school, and we spent an entire year working together to build a code of conduct and behaviour matrix for our school.  Our motto is H.A.W.K.S.: Helpful, Appreciative, Willing, Kind, and Supportive. We have been teaching our students the Code of Conduct and Behaviour Matrix “in context”, involving staff, parents, and senior students. We have continued building on this approach each year in order to ensure all of our students, parents, and staff members know what it means to be a HAWK.  A major success for our school that ties in the Code of Conduct is our Work Ethics Honour Roll Program.

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