School District 60 provides a small congregated pull-out Gifted Program for selected students in grade 4 through 9. The Gifted Program is an addition to extension activities provided by schools and classroom teachers for students that require further challenge in various domains.

The program consists of 6-7 full days sessions, where children come to the Board Office or another community site to engage in activities designed to increase creative and critical thinking skills in a wide variety of areas. Parents have indicated that this has been very valuable for their children from both a social and an academic standpoint. The Elementary and Middle groups work together at the beginning of sessions as well as participate in separate sessions with different instructors for the remainder of the morning and afternoon. In the past some of the sessions have been for participants from the Middle school group only.

Generally students are nominated by school administrators for a spring assessment. The assessment process includes a standardized assessment, rubrics for the teachers, and discussions with the child’s classroom teachers and administrators. The assessment measures thinking and problem-solving skills and indicates how well the student can use these skills to solve verbal, quantitative, and nonverbal problems. Results of the assessment are shared with parents and the child’s school to support their academic program. Students that score in Stanine 9, or in the 96th to 99th percentile for that grade or age group may be invited into the program depending on space as well as other factors.

Intake for the program occurs in the spring for the fall. Information will be sent to Administrators after Spring Break regarding nominating possible candidates for the program. After nomination from the school, students will be invited to the standardized assessment. Final invites for the program in the fall will go out in June in a report sent to schools to distribute to families.

We encourage all students to explore the world by asking ‘how’ and ‘why’ things work the way they do. Encouraging your child to problem solve, think creatively and critically, pursue topics of interests, try new things, and take some risks in their learning will enable them to continue their learning journey in life and become lifelong learners.

2019-2020 Information

This information will be updated over the year and communicated to parents of children in the Gifted Program via email. For sessions held at the School Board office parents are required to transport their child to and from the building (10114 105 Ave) for the day’s sessions.

Coordinator: Linda Haugen –


Session Date Groups Location Topics
#1 November 8, 2019 Elem/Mid SBO TBD
#2 Elem/Mid SBO TBD
#3 Elem/Mid SBO TBD
#4 Elem/Mid SBO TBD
#5 Elem/Mid SBO TBD
#6 Elem/Mid TBD TBD
#7 Elem/Mid TBD TBD

For more information about our Gifted Program please contact the coordinator above or 

Carleen Andrews
Director of Instruction
School District 60 | Peace River North