Buick Creek Elem

Buick Creek Elem
154 Rd
Buick Creek, BC
Phone: (250)630-2231
Fax: (250)630-2231
Web: https://prespatou.prn.bc.ca

Buick Creek is a rural elementary school in a picturesque small farm community 70 km from Fort St. John. The school has two teachers, one of whom acts as the head teacher. Buick Creek Elementary receives library support from Charlie Lake Elementary and administrative support from Prespatou School. Buick has a student population of 25, with one primary class consisting of Kindergarten to grade 3, and one intermediate class of grades 4 to 7. Besides the two classroom teachers, one teacher’s aide works with students with English as a Second Language (ESL). The majority of students are bussed to the school, although some are driven or walk. The school has a gym for student use as well as outdoor play equipment, including a skating rink. The school is a focal point for a variety of community activities from hockey to broomball to seasonal presentations. The parents and community offer strong support to the school.

Buick Administration

Name Title Phone Email
Todd Koponyas Principal @ Prespatou & Buick Creek (250)630-2241 *tkoponyas
 Joy Cochrane  Vice Principal * jcochrane

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