Bert Ambrose Elementary

Bert Ambrose Elementary
9616 115 Avenue
Fort St John, BC V1J 2Y1
Phone: (250)785-2321
Fax: (250)785-2386

Bert Ambrose Elementary is a K-6 school located in the northeast corner of Fort St. John, in a picturesque setting, surrounded by a beautiful park and an outdoor skating rink. Our elementary school serves both an urban and rural community with a student population of 355 students, 9% of whom are First Nations students. Our school has a staffing compliment of fourteen divisions, 16 teachers and 10 support workers as well a principal, vice principal, a reading intervention teacher and a part time librarian. Our school enjoys itinerant access to a range of services such as counseling and special education from a very supportive District Staff.

Our Mission at Bert Ambrose elementary is to nurture and celebrate lifelong learning and social responsibility. Our school motto is to be RESPONSIBLE, RESPECTFUL, AND RESOURCEFUL, EVERYDAY! (The three R’s)

Our school is totally committed to the principles of learning, and being a child centered school, with a focus on collaborative planning. We have an active Parent Advisory Committee and a very supportive parent community. This year our school will be focusing on three major goals, which are as follows:

1.) To improve access and improve student, staff and parental knowledge, sequential skills & attitudes related to the Information Technology Curriculum.

2.) To increase student’s ability to analyze critically, solve problems, and make decisions in the key curricular areas with a focus in Reading.

3.) To develop the school’s focus on social responsibility to ensure a safe learning environment.

An exciting dimension of our school is the web site: ( )

Name Title Phone Email
Laurie Wright Principal 250-785-2321 lwright*
Kit Brekkas Vice Principal 250-785-2321 kbrekkas*
Twyla Selin Secretary 250-785-2321 tselin*
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