Baldonnel Elementary

Baldonnel Elementary
5836 Baldonnel Rd
Baldonnel, BC V0C 1C6
Phone: (250)789-3396
Fax: (250)789-3287

Baldonnel Elementary School is a K-6 school located 15 minutes from the “energetic” community of Fort St. John, which is located in the beautiful Peace River Valley. Baldonnel School is midway between Fort St. John and the community of Taylor. We enroll a population of 165 students, 13% of whom are First Nations students. Students come from a wide area that includes numerous small and large acreages, the airport subdivision and two trailer courts. Our school has a staffing compliment of 11 very dedicated and collegial teachers and 5 support workers as well a principal, Reading Recovery teacher and part time librarian. Our school enjoys itinerant access to a range of services such as the District Band Program, elementary counseling and several district itinerants.

Some themes that characterize our school are a commitment to child centered learning, with a passion for enhancing reading and writing skills. We have an active Parent Advisory Committee and a very supportive parent community. This year our school will be focusing on pursing excellent reading and writing skills for all our students. As with most schools, we seek to provide a safe learning environment for our learners.

Name Title Phone Email
Christine Todd Principal 250-789-3396 ctodd*     * add
Tasha McDermott Secretary 250-789-3396 tmcdermott*

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