Alwin Holland Elementary

Alwin Holland Elementary
10615 96 Street
Fort St John, BC V1J 3R3
Phone: (250)785-6125
Fax: (250)785-6123

Alwin Holland Elementary is located in the bustling community of Fort St. John, which is located in the beautiful Peace River Valley. Our school motto is T.E.A.M Together Everyone Achieves More.  At Alwin Holland we take a team approach to all that we do.  We are proud of what we are achieving as a team and enjoy and find fulfillment in the work we do together.  We strive to create a welcoming, warm, caring environment for all members of our school community.  We value the arts and recognize and appreciate the role of humour in creating a healthy working and learning environment.

Alwin Holland has a student population of about 360 students. Our school is located in a predominantly middle-class neighborhood, but our school population is characterized by considerable diversity.  Our parents are involved and committed to their children’s education.  Many parent volunteers help out with classroom and school activities (over 100 this past year) and we have an active Parent Advisory Council.  The PAC is valued for its support and input into the operation of the school.  The broader school community and our staff are committed to building a positive and safe school environment which fosters learning for all students.

For funding purposes, Alwin Holland is designated as an “inner city” school.  We receive additional funding for a school meals program and social equity programs.  During the 2018/19 year, we will continue to offer a breakfast program and a healthy snack program for our students.  Our lunch program and our healthy canteen provide nutritional lunch choices for students with the help of student and parent volunteers.

Alwin Holland is a K to 6 school with 16 divisions.  We have 17 classroom teachers, which includes one pair of teachers team teaching.  Other teaching staff includes a full-time learning assistant, a part-time teacher librarian, two part-time prep teachers, and one part-time Reading Intervention teacher.  A school district itinerant inclusion teacher, a speech pathologist, and a speech assistant also visit the school to help prepare and deliver programs to several of our students.  We have a principal and a vice principal who are allocated 1.5 FTE administration time.  Our support staff includes a full-time secretary, twelve educational assistants, three lunch period monitors, an Aboriginal Student Support Worker and a school meals program/canteen coordinator.  We also have one full-time and one part-time custodian.

Our PAC and staff are committed to developing a strong sense of community spirit within our school.  We believe this will enhance our students’ social, emotional, and academic growth.  We work hard to involve students in a variety of activities and provide opportunities for students to develop leadership skills in a number of areas.  Research indicates there is a link between student behaviour and academic success.  Our school-wide behaviour matrix and Code of Conduct reflect the core values identified by the school community: respect and responsibility.  The goal of our matrix and Code of Conduct is to promote a safe and caring school climate where the focus is on teaching and learning.

Name Title Phone Email
Jerelyn Orcutt Principal 250-785-6125 jorcutt *
Hayley Hurren Vice Principal 250-785-6125 hhurren*
Londa Livingstone Secretary 250-785-6125 llivingstone*
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