Punkin Chuckin Challenge

Moneca Conway, Career Programs Co-ordinator, has provided the following story about a recent challenge school teams threw in on.

School teams come together for the annual SD#60 Punkin Chuckin Challenge, that is inspired by the Applied, Design, Skills and Technology (ADST) curriculum
In the challenge, schools receive a mini and a large catapult kit. In the mini catapult kit, teachers are given supplies and directions for their entire class, on how to create five different catapults. In an effort to inspire student’s creativity and ingenuity. After completing the mini catapult, teams are established and the groups are given the task to build a large catapult using the supplies given within the second kit. This catapult will then be used to fling pumpkins at the Punkin Chuckin Launch event held at NPSS.  During the launch, school groups will put their catapults to the test, taking turns firing pumpkins, the furthest pumpkin launched will win.

For more information please contact
Moneca Conway

Career Programs Co-ordinator School District #60

Phone: (250)785-4429  EXT 324

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