NPSS Senior Alternate Doing Good for the Community

The NPSS Senior Alternate group continues to find ways to support our community! Thank you to Brenda Birley for sharing the following article.

Sr. Alt has raised over two thousand dollars in our fundraising efforts so far this year.  We have used a portion of this money to purchase food and gifts to sponsor a family at Christmas through Phoenix Volunteers. We were also able to donate extra food and gas cards to help other families through the Christmas Hamper program. We are continuing to fundraise next week with the candy guess and the Donation tree by the office. The coin drive, the event where students in Sr. Alt go to other classrooms to collect spare change from students and staff, will continue. The remainder of the fundraising will go towards purchasing hygiene products and winter gear for the homeless shelter as well as winter gear and miscellaneous items for the Women’s Resource Center. Please HELP us help our community!!

-written by Connal Cameron.

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