MAP – School District 60 Numeracy Initiative

School district staff have been working over the 2017-2018 school year to examine a sustainable numeracy initiative that will support teachers and students in School District 60. Based on feedback from teachers, principals, school and district assessments, we have developed a math assessment & practice tool to support teachers and students in numeracy instruction and learning. We are pleased to announce, with support of the Board of Education, SD60 will undertake a new Math Assessment & Practice (MAP) Initiative starting next year.

The establishment of the MAP initiative will span one to three years. We expect the MAP to become a sustainable classroom tool to support numeracy for years to come. The MAP will provide teachers with a quick numeracy assessment that demonstrates level of understanding and provides teachers feedback for their instructional practice. Inservice training and resources will support teachers with a friendly assessment tool that can be used frequently with students to support teaching and learning.

The MAP Initiative will:

  • Support teachers with their instructional practice
  • Expand teacher understanding and comfort with new numeracy curriculum
  • Provide an accessible tool for student practice
  • Provide teachers with “What next?” teaching strategies guided by assessment results
  • Include Inservice Training for teachers in Grades 4-10
  • Provide Collaborative opportunities around numeracy
  • Support schools with purchasing numeracy resources including manipulatives
  • Provide an excellent Number Sense teaching tool
  • Have future resources available at

We’d like to thank everyone, including local and provincial partners, that have been involved in this exciting new endeavour and we look forward to working with our schools and teachers. More details will be shared in the Fall of 2018.


Jarrod Bell – Director of Instruction

Charmaine Chretien – District Principal – Curriculum & Assessment


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