Community Members Support NPSS Biology Classes

Thank you to Mr. Glover and Ms. Huggins for sharing the following story and thank you for the generous support of the community members who shared their time and expertise with our students!

On Wednesday, June 7 th , Ms. Huggins’ and Mr. Glover’s biology classes attended an Ecology field trip at Toboggan Hill. The day started off with three presentations revolving around Aboriginal perspectives including lessons on medicinal plant use, at-risk animal populations, and the history and significance of the Charlie Lake Caves.

In the afternoon, students split into stations set up by local specialist volunteers. Each specialist prepared an educational lesson including connections to the Biology 11 curriculum as well as possible career opportunities and an interactive activity. Topics included: Agronomy, Livestock Science, Charlie Lake Ecosystems, Ungulate Identification, Environmental Assessment, Water Management, Beekeeping, Forest Fire Fighting, Market Gardening, and Drone Technology. Students had a blast attending four sessions of their choosing. They all left with a better understanding of their local ecosystems and the work that goes into maintaining them. Many students also took advantage of the opportunity to make valuable connections with local specialists. We want to thank the many volunteers for their help making this field trip happen. Without their generous support, we wouldn’t have been able to have such an amazing trip that students will remember for years to come

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