Hour of Code


SD60 is excited to announce that students in K-9 this winter will participate in an Hour of Code. Activities may include unplugged computational thinking activities and online activities freely available to everyone at code.org/learn . We are also encouraging students and teachers in grade 10-12 to participate.

Coding is included in the new British Columbia K-9 Applied Design Skills Technologies (ADST) curriculum and provides much more than knowing how to program a device. It is an excellent way to teach problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration, design, making, and communication. Coding can be integrated into other areas of the curriculum from Mathematics to Language Arts.

Two teacher groups and school administrators have already participated in an Hour of Code activity and will be working together to plan their school’s participation.

Unplugged and Online Hour of Code activities have been used last year and are already in use in classrooms this year. We are looking forward to the many inventive ways our schools, teachers, and students will participate.

We will share some stories and numbers of students that participated in the spring.

If you would like to try from home here are three links below:


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