School Zones back on September 5!

Raise your right foot to support student safety! School zones come back into effect on September 5th around SD60 schools.

Rube Goldberg Machines in Mr. Churchill’s Physics 11

Thank you to Mr. Churchill and his NPSS Physics 11 class for sharing their Rube Goldberg projects this year! The following description of the project, its curricular goals, and video is from Mr. Churchill.

This is a video compilation of this year’s Physics 11 students, Rube Goldberg projects. The students need to build a Rube […]

Bat Houses – Project Partnership

Two Biology 11 classes from North Peace Secondary School, a Science class from Bert Bowes, and a Science class from Prespatou are constructing 50 maternity bat houses for the Bat Conservation Project in the Peace River area. This is a project in partnership with the Forest Land and Natural Resources Operations (Ministry of the […]


Our Follett Shelf for eBooks is up and running! Students in grades 5-12 can now checkout books on your computer or mobile device anytime you’d like!

As with our physical libraries we ask that parents be involved in ebook title selections.

More info is available on our Libraries page at

Discover Trades Contest

16 Students from the Energetic Learning Campus have entered the provincial Discover Trades Video Contest. You can view and vote for the winner through your Facebook account via the link below