Technology Grant Results for 2013-2014

The following schools have been granted projectors through the early 2013-2014 technology grant. We ran this early this year as the 2013-2014 tech grant budget will be completely spent on year 4 of the desktop replacement cycle due to a larger number of computers in year 4. Every school that requested a projector for a classroom has received at least 1.

Baldonnel – 1
Buick – 2
CM Finch – 2
Charlie Lake – 3
Duncan Cran – 2
Ecole Central – 2
Hudson’s Hope – 2
Robert Ogilvie – 2
Taylor – 1
Upper Halfway – 2
NPSS – 1

Site Technicians will get in contact with school administrators as to the administrators plan for these projectors.

If the projectors

  • are going on a cart, TS will supply a lock and cable along with the asset tagged projector to the site administrator. We can help with setup if desired. The school needs to provide the cart.
  • are going to be mounted the administrator is responsible for putting in tickets for the mount to labourers and grounds, and the electrical install to the electrician. A third ticket should go to the site technician that has the ticket numbers for the first two referenced in the ticket please and thank you.

This will be the last grant that will feature projectors. Many sites are reporting that they do not need any additional projectors or have a sufficiently large number. Schools may purchase projectors out of their Learning Resource budgets as per policy and several PACs have outfitted classrooms with projectors. Schools are also reminded that they should plan for the replacement of their current projectors going into the future.

The next grant may be available at the end of the 2013-2014 year depending on budget. If not it will come out in the late summer or early fall of 2014-2015.

2011 Technology Grant – update

The 2011 Technology Grant is now closed to submissions. The grant budget for the year is around $45,000 dollars. Around a quarter of that goes to lab and teacher desktop refurbishment cycle as agreed to in the 2010-2011 school year. Most of those dollars go to purchasing equipment from Computers for Schools British Columbia, or other commercial refurbishers. We usually purchase refurbished computers as it enables us to cycle our desktop computers every four years compared to around 22 years!

$22,500 is available for the general grant. Administrators submit their requests through a shared google doc. Each school is asked to report on what they have in three items and what they would like as well. The process is meant to make the school administrators aware of what other schools have in comparison to their own. This year there are $83960.80 in requests. Schools have offered $10750 in their own funds to help with purchases.

This year the items were Digital Projectors, Smart Document Cameras, and mounted Smartboards (64″). Some of our schools via their own funds, external grants, and PACs have quite a few of these. Looking at the sheet, there is a significant gap apparent where other schools have not been able to access external sources or have needed to use their internal funds on other items. Our small schools cannot always afford to purchase any one of the three grant items without external funds.

There is also holdback for wiring and unexpected costs (extra electrical, cables etc). If there is money left over at the end of the year it generally goes to purchase something that was requested for a school in the grant.

With this in mind I will be looking at gaps between schools. I will also be speaking with administrators to ask who the technology is targeted at. Staff that have some previous training on Smartboards or who are continuing with training via online, pro-d, or our Technology mentor teacher will be given preference for a Smartboard installation.

While equity is not possible via the tech grant I would like to make sure whatever is put out to schools and classrooms is best used. As usual your thoughts and comments are appreciated and help guide practice.

2010-2011 Tech Grant

There were $55,000 worth in requests to the SD60 technology grant this fall for projectors and Smartboards. The grant has an approximate budget of 44k. 22.5k has been provided to requests from schools while the remainder will be used to upgrade school labs and teacher stations according to the replacement cycle that was put in place last year. Thank you to the schools that have set aside dollars to help offset purchases from the tech grant.

Any remaining dollars after labs and classrooms have been refreshed will be spent according to requests that were not fulfilled in the first round of the grant later in the year. We may also look at spending dollars on document cameras as there were several requests to include it in the grant.

The grant results are below. All smartboards will be 64″ without a stand. It is the school’s responsibility to submit work orders for mounting of smartboards (and projectors if they wish them mounted as well). For more on that please see this post

School, # of projectors, # of smartboards

Alwin Holland 0,1
Bert Ambrose 1,0
Bert Bowes 1,1
Charlie Lake 1,1
Clearview 1,1
Dr Kearney 0,2
Duncan Cran 0,1
Hudson’s Hope 1,1
Prespatou 1,1
Taylor 1,1
Upper Pine 1,1