SMART Tech at Taylor

From Mr Gill at Taylor Elementary

SMART Technology: Taylor Elementary School’s use of SMART Technology has assisted students’ learning needs!  Mrs. McDonell has been using her smart board to help her grade 3 students discover new strategies for numeracy.  Most  classrooms are equipped with interactive SMART Boards and Document Cameras to enhance the learning experiences for students.


Students using smartboard at Taylor Elementary
Students using smartboard at Taylor Elementary

Smartboard Session with Sian Sladen from Evolution Technologies (includes any links that Sian uses in her presentation) for training links

Reference Manual that Sian passed around on her memory stick

Showed a great trick for revealing notes using text written in the same background colour and create a coloured rectangle. The rectangle is ordered (right click > order) to the back (sent to back). The rectangle can then be moved around and it would reveal the text as you move it across.

Teachers Love Smartboards:

Teacher created powerpoints

Smartboard Inservice – April 29th.

From an email to the AO’s

Evolution Learning Technologies, our BCERAC partner for Smartboards, is providing a teacher, Sian Sladen, M.Ed, for April 29th to do two half-day inservices for our teachers using smartboards.

TS will cover the TOC costs for schools to send a staff member. I would ask AO’s to nominate one person from your school for this session. Rural participants will be covered for the full day and travel (UP, UH, Wonowon, Buick, Prespatou), and will have a break out room with another Smartboard available for them to work on in the afternoon, or they can attend the session again. Lunch will not be provided.

I would ask that the person nominated be:

  • technologically proficient/experienced
  • have some experience with the smartboard or at least a strong willingness to use them in the future
  • will likely be remaining in your school next year (and hopefully for several years to come)
  • willing to work collaboratively (willing to help train others on the Smartboard in the future)

Participants need to

  • bring a laptop with Notebook 10.6 loaded before the inservice (if you need the software loaded on please create a work order and we will do it)
  • if you can’t get them a laptop I can provide one if you let me know, but they should at least come with a thumb drive so they can save files they create

Please reply by email with who you would like to send and I will let you know early in April whether they are attending the morning/afternoon (full day for Rurals) session. Also could you please let me know if they need a laptop.


Smartboards with Connective Technology (Bridges)

I’ve been doing some twittering on the Techitup conference but wanted to switch back to the blog… You can see previous microblogging @jbellsd60 on twitter.

Bridges distributes edtech and assistive tech across Canada – looking at today how their tech and new tech (smartboards) integrate.

  • Bridges conference this year is looking at RTI.
  • As we move forward with technology we cannot leave students behind. Kids with special needs or socio-economically disadvantaged must not be left behind.
  • We cannot reach the mind that we don’t engage!
  • Extensively look at UDL
  • UDL: framework that considers the diverse learning styles of all students prior to setting goals and designing curriculum and assessment materials
  • UDL: essential for some, beneficial for all
  • Google: CAST –
  • CAST believes that “barriers to learning are not in fact, inherent in the capacities of learners, but instead arise in learners interactions with inflexible educational goals, materials, methods, and assessments”
  • students have multiple means of representations, engagement, and expression
  • Smartboards support auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. Symbols for receptive and expressive communication modeling
  • multiple examples are simple with digital technology
  • smart notebook can capture the file as well as audio recorded
  • -note that the mov file is large for smartboard recordings. It could be converted with versions of imovie to a smaller size, or a m4v file.
  • little research of kids on IEP and the use of smartboards
  • Robert Marzano looked at the Promethean board (kind of interactive white board: IWB) and found a gain of 17 percentile points
  • -most successful scenario was experienced teachers using the smartboards for a two year period of time with training
  • Smartboards are opening the door to technology in classrooms where there has been little use of technology before.
  • Boardmaker cards combined with smartboard technology for students point to graphic symbols and having them speak their word (language aided stimulation)
  • smartboards become the new “bib” for organizing the boardmaker cards
  • Smart ideas – concept mapping software – amazing – possible replacement for inspirations. As long as we own a copy for school we have a site license. -need to check and see if own a copy means we have a smartboard… this will be done next year in all schools.
  • Looked at Classroom Suite – great for smartboard as there is a repository on the companies website of pre-created resources. We are already using this in multiple schools.
  • Boardmaker plus also have voice support now
  • Clicker5 integrates reading and writing, smartboard helps model it