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Learning Services #SD60 Kick Off 2014-15

Our theme this year is Puzzle Pieces – “You’re an Essential Piece” and that is what each and every one of us are, an important piece of the puzzle.  Students, teachers, resource / support teachers, administrators, support staff, parents, community members … it takes our community to support our children!

As the Learning Services team for SD#60, our goal is to enhance our support model to children & schools.  Through a more coherent, unified and systemic approach, we strive towards increased achievements of ALL kinds for everyone, especially our children. The instructional continuum for learning using the RTI-2 (Response to Instruction & Intervention) framework and UDL (Universal Design for Learning) are key understandings to help guide this process.  We are looking forward to another exciting year of supporting ALL learners ~ EACH learner!

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 1.09.01 PMIMG_1732