5 challenges and 5 discontinuities

David Porter

How do you harness the disroptive technologies in your classroom?

The backchannel is very productive and should be enhanced! Twitter questions?

Should we outsource infrastructure to free up people who maintain it? We are with mail!

Curric develop should be done by teacher/ professionals/private together


5 Challenges
1 Reaching and engaging today’s learners
2 Applying 21st century literacies
3 Creating environments for active collaborative learning, critical thinking and knowledge creation
4 Engaging faculty and instructors
5 Advancing innovation in teaching and learning with technology in an era of fiscal uncertainity

5 discontinuities
1 Web 2 style apps
2 Software as service
3 Global class computing (cloud)
4 Consumerization of web
5 Open movements

Discontinuities create opportunities!

Don’t park the laptop and cell at the door! Retrograde approach.

Youtube.edu used to share content for free! Marketting strategy.. Doesn’t give you a harvard degree but may attract you to go there.

Dimdim web conferencing service, again is free.

200 solidstate laptops from company in Victoria…

100 million creativecommons licenced on flickr

We don’t need to own every box, software as service. IT shops need to let go of many things into the cloud as we have with google apps.

Gerry Paille plugged our switch to google apps during the presentation… Thx Gerry!

SOL*R is an LOR for post secondary instructors

Dare2BDigital allows students to rebuild, remix etc. Based on drupal, freely available engine.

Digital astronomy online telescope in the Caribou Chilcotin

Collaboratory – find other people that want to work on something together

Freelearning.bccampus.ca google spider that checks educational resources on the web, name your topic! All cc licensed and open textbooks… Wow wow wow.

Bccampus working on online trades theoretical training, eprentice. RFPs for colleges and high schools to work online to build the courses. (Brian Campbell)

How do we map it together? Bc Learning Gateway… Another wow.

inspire learning by being technologically adventurous

There has been an alarming increase in the things I do not know!
This statement can make our staff uncomfortable as the traditional sage on the stage role has been to know it all!

Time to switch in many cases to guide on the side.

Triple bottom line…

Do we look at how we affect those groups when we make changes?

Keep in mind who the audience is.

Vancity’s learning strategy
High tech + high touch
Realism in learning situations
Journey not and event
Align to values and business objectives

Their high tech encompassed
I need help – electronic performance support systems
I need to learn – synch / asynch
I need to connect – social networking, communities of practice, blogs wikis

70 percent of what you learn is on the job, doing the task
20 percent is from coaching/collaboration
10 percent is the learning intervention (class/webinar)

Must look at before, during, and after learning… Pre (what do you expext to learn) – during (class) – post (support application of the learning) strategies

Vancity uses discoveru as their LMS

Also use moodle for elearning courses.. This was part of the adventure. Using it in blended learning… The high tech + high touch. The high touch helped bring them in.

Reluctant learners need some high touch pre during and post.

Privacy and Disclosure in Online Environments

Judith Blanchette

Privacy in web2.0

What does privacy mean to you?

Safety issues for youth as they might not realize what they are doing or where they are releasing their info.

Three types
1 informational (psychological)
2 accessibility
3 expressive

Actual privacy (objective)
Perceived privacy (subjective)
Photo by bekathwia (sweater)

There exists generational differences

Society has become open to a point that we expect everyone to be open and suspect when people want anonimity.

Lessig’s 4 factors
4social norms

New defn of privacy – the right to be left alone

What have you opted in/out on your privacy settings? Do you know?

Blocking services can be dangerous as our kids won’t have any guidance at home.

Downloading of apps on facebook can give the developers everything about you.

For the second time I’ve heard that some social networks are gateway drugs to other networks.

Two choices
Limit access or educate.

If we limit access we can’t have the discussions or model behaviours.

7 principles of online education

1 contact between students and faculty
2 develop cooperation among students
3encourage active learning
4 give prompt feedback
5 emphasize time on task
6 communicate high expectations
7 respect diverse talents and ways of learning

lego robotics

Dereck has create a robotics 9 course using lego mindstorms. Basic kits are around 400 dollars. Need a computer. Uses Spectrum to supply parts. Funded through mitchell odessey. About 6000 for a class lab plus computers. Enhances math, physics, engineering, problem solving etc. Many partners with universities and schools. Could be a great DL course.students could share code via email to prof to load into their robot to assess, video results and share via youtube.

Lots of lego curriculum available, almost out of box ready to go.

Focus on formative learning, summative part is does it work?

Ages 9 and up but curric available for K even!

Might be great for tech grant.