UVic Technology Survey

As part of our support to Post-Secondary Education Programs we are sharing this survey from UVic below for. Please do take some time to complete it.

You are invited to participate in a short survey titled Evaluation of Technology Acceptance in K-12 education that is being conducted by Dr. Valerie Irvine and Aaron Bailey through the Faculty of Education at the University of Victoria. Your participation in this study is completely voluntary and there will be no negative consequences whether you decide to participate or not. The investigators have not been provided with contact information for potential participants. The purpose of this research project is to document educational stakeholders’ experience with adoption of new technologies for teaching and learning in K-12 Education. We will be exploring variables that influence educational stakeholders’ acceptance and use of technologies in K-12 education. Potential benefit to you, society and the state of knowledge: (a) opportunity for administrators to review findings and (b) raised awareness of the perceptions of WiFi in the schools. As compensation for time spent every participant will be entered into a draw for $100.


ELC Survey

In the fall of 2011 I did a social media presentation and survey with the Grade 10s at the Energetic Learning Campus. In September of 2012 students from the ELC (Grade 10 and 11 now) responded online using a Google Form. Here are questions and affirmative results from the two years.

Fall Survey 2011 2012
n 107 130
Do you have high speed internet at home? Yes 71% Yes 81%
Do you have a mobile phone? Yes 85% Yes 85%
Is your mobile a smartphone? Yes 46% Yes 63%
Have you used your phone in a sanctioned instructional activity in the past? Yes 44% Yes 78%
Do you have a facebook account? Yes 85% Yes 82%
Do you have a twitter account? Yes 22% Yes 45%
Have you used social media in a sanctioned instructional activity in the past? Yes 18% Yes 59%
If you have a facebook account, are you friends with either of your parents? Yes 38% Yes 57%

Some questions for discussion…

What jumps out at you?
How do you think they might change next year?
Why do you think they are different from year to year?
What inferences can you make about one or more of these results?
Does socio-economic status of respondents make a difference in these results?
Are you influenced in one way or another to adopt or change a behaviour due to these results?

Please add some more questions that come to mind in the comments!

ELC Grade 10’s Presentation Survey Responses

Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak with students at the Energetic Learning Campus about social media and mobile technology. Between some videos and activities I asked some survey questions. Here are the results (total of 107 respondents)

71% had high speed internet

85% had a mobile phone

45% had a smartphone (defined by a web browser)

85% had a facebook account

22% had a twitter account (3% tweeted me something)

65% left their mobile on through the night. Several commented that their models while charging must be on.

18% had used social media in a sanctioned instructional activity in the past

44% had used their mobile in a sanctioned instructional activity in the past (many had just used them recently on their mask project to take pictures)

In one group where I was able to get through more of the presentation,  12 / 32 (37.5%) said their parents were facebook friends with them.

I look forward to having an opportunity to ask the questions again later in the year.


Personally Owned Device Survey at NPSS

Here are the results of a survey with 353 responses in a school of 1250 students regarding laptop/netbook/internet device ownership.

Do you have a personal laptop, netbook or internet device you could bring to school on a daily basis?

Yes 138 39%
No 207 59%

If you were required to have a personal laptop, netbook or internet device for school, would you be able to afford it?

Yes I could afford this 133 – 38%
No I could not afford this 108 – 31%
I already have a personally owned netbook or laptop 109 – 31%