Responses to Online Communication

Don't Feed the Trolls
Don’t Feed the Trolls

The face in the “Don’t Feed the Trolls” icon I made above is from various places on the internet (which, nb: are not always safe for work). The icon is often used when someone is being trolled and is frequently called the trollface [wikipedia]. Trolling is the act of intentionally trying to anger, frustrate, or generally provoke an emotional response from someone else online. If someone posted comments on this post to ridicule my work, mislead me, or be a nuisance it could be construed as trolling.

Often these posts are made with anonymous (ie hottopic47) or fake people accounts (ie Bender Rodriguez). Unfortunately there certainly are people using their real name and posting vitriolic comments on social media as well. It is often best to delete, ignore, or report the trolling comment, but how should you respond to the real person posting the hurtful comment?

The district has noticed discussion in social media about the district, schools, teachers etc and  we as a district are considering how and when is it appropriate to respond.

Some thoughts on responses to online communication (social media, websites, email…)

  • Take the high road in any reply
  • Consider whether a response is warranted. If not and/or you can’t do the above bullet, don’t respond.
  • Don’t add fuel to the fire, keep any replies respectful, professional and to the point.
  • Keep in mind that building positive relationships is a root cause of success.
  • Consider carefully whether your response encourages an open ended discussion and if you want to continue with that kind of discussion.
  • Would you say it to their face?
  • Assume whatever you say there is permanent, even if you delete it!
  • Consider offering a face-to-face meeting to discuss.
Adapted WITS anti-bullying program for Social Media
  • Walk away (stop reading the thread if it upsets you)
  • Ignore (stop reading from that poster and/or block/mute them)
  • Talk it out (discuss with trusted colleagues)
  • Seek Help (if social media becomes libellous or threatening it should be referred to the appropriate authorities including your administration, local representative, district staff, RCMP etc.)
If something you see online will likely affect the good functioning of your school, it should be reported to the school administrator.
Consider your Health

If you are having difficulty dealing with issues arising from work, from social media, or from family situations please keep in mind that SD60 employees and their families can access our Employee and Family Assistance Program. For more information and a number to call please see the following post –


Social Media Advice from Grade 10s

A few weeks back I did a presentation with the Grade 10 Energetic Learning Campus students about social media. One activity I had the groups do was some advice to themselves when they were younger or advice they would give to a younger sibling (we appended the instructions to a younger sibling that you like) about social media. The theme of the presentation was “Think before you post”. While some tidbits have been omitted, here is the unedited advice from the students

  • Remember that everything gets recorded so anyone can find your history
  • don’t be gross
  • don’t get a cell phone
  • No Sending pictures of your junk!
  • Don’t be rude to people over the internet or facebook or text it. Be nice
  • Be Kind
  • Don’t let friends get ahold of phones
  • Think twice about what you post
  • Don’t go on while intoxicated
  • Don’t go on social media
  • Think twice before you send
  • Pick friends well
  • Treat others as you want to be treated
  • Don’t put phone # online
  • Don’t send pictures of your package…
  • No text bullying
  • Porn is traceable
  • Delete history
  • DONT send BAD pic’s!
  • Be careful what you say
  • No text bullying!
  • The emotional pain lasts forever
  • Don’t put your number online ->:O
  • Oh yeah
  • Be careful on what you put on the internet.
  • Don’t bully over text or the internet
  • Do Not Send Innapproiate Pictures
  • Stay off facebook
  • Watch what you say
  • Don’t bash other people
  • Stay in School =)
  • Stay logged out of accounts =)
  • Keep phone in locker =)
  • Don’t put phone number online
  • Do not add people you don’t know
  • tell them to not buy online drugs
  • don’t post/say anything you wouldn’t say to your grandma
  • Don’t be mean on FB
  • Don’t post inappropriate pictures/stuff
  • Don’t use webcams
  • Don’t stalk
  • Do not ADD strangers regardless of how many mutual friends you have
  • Don’t hack
  • Don’t lie to your friends
  • Don’t talk to terrorists
  • Don’t hate
  • Don’t give personal information
  • Don’t lie about your age/gender
  • Be Careful of what you post!
  • Dont do stuff to others you dont want done to yourself
  • It will never EVER go away
  • Be respectful to others =)
  • Think before you “SEND”
  • you never know where it will go! or who will see it
  • Never share wher you live, phone # or personal info
  • Don’t Post Gossip & Rumors!
  • Allways logout account when done
  • Don’t Add people you don’t know
  • Don’t hack!
  • Don’t Share your password!
  • Don’t talk to strangers!
  • Privacy on ur profile!
  • don’t post personal info
  • don’t post naughty photos!
  • Dont send nudes.
  • Dont send something you’ll regret
  • Add people you know on facebook
  • Friendly convo’s
  • Stay strong over pressure in sending pixs!
  • Geta life dont be a creep!
  • Dont make a fool of yourself or others
  • Do your work in school
  • Dont post pic3 of u smoking drugs
  • respect others
  • Don’t post bad pictures or of doing drugs or alchol
  • no bullying
  • Dont give out your password or phone number or adress
  • Careful what you post!
  • Keep your friends limmitid
  • Make sure nothings to personal
  • Think before you send or do anything
  • Make sure it wont offend anyone
  • Be carfull, others might take it the wrong way
  • Make sure your elders aprove
  • Everything you post is on the internet for good
  • Watch for preditores
  • Don’t talk to people you don’t know
  • Think before you post
  • Protect yourself before you wreck yourself
  • Consider peoples feelings
  • Dont post things that you dont want others to see
  • write apropriet things!
  • don’t post dirty pictures!
  • Dont post mean things about people.
  • Don’t make a facebook or tiwtter
  • Don’t send dirty messages
  • Watch what you post

The presentation I used was media heavy so I won’t post it however I did use some videos from

Facebook Scams

You have probably have seen the latest trend on Facebook for scammers. You may have even had these strange posts on your Facebook wall. There will be a post on a users Facebook page like ‘OMG!! Guys, you have to see this: or where they try and get you to Like a product page. When you click on it you are shuffled over to a survey. This is a great money making ploy for the crooks as they make a lot money off of directing you to a survey. Sophos has prepared a great video on what to do if you have accidentally clicked on or have filled out a survey and think you were scammed.

Facebook Scams