Legacy Mail Service Interruption ~ Down until Saturday

Chad and Rick are working hard on creating a virtualized server to replace the old SMS server that has a hardware failure. Hopefully legacy mail services will be up and running on Saturday, May 30th.

One benefit of a virtualized server is that we reduce our annual carbon footprint by 12.5 tonnes of CO2!

Facebook and PRN email.

We needed to rebuild some user accounts on Tuesday which causes slow downs to the system. Oddly enough the queue was again full of mail from facebook. I’m thinking it coincidence but it also makes me wonder whether people should be having facebook mail sent to their work address? I would suggest staff create hotmail or gmail accounts and redirect their facebook mail to a more appropriate personal account.

Services Update ~ Jan 15th

January 15th 9am. Mail is up and running. There may be some slow downs as everyone accesses and retrieves their emails.

January 14th 11:22pm. Mail is up and running. We may have to take the service offline occasionally for some further adjustments.

Thank you to our dedicated consultant, Jeff Dyck, for his valuable contribution.

Unfortunately all listservs will need to be rebuilt. Expect most straightforward lists (school staff) to be done by Friday.

January 14th 4:33pm Audio Update

2:28pm, January 14th. Ordered new condenser motor. Mail is being backed up message by message. Currently on usernames starting with d. Expect it to me a long backup. We will use a new drive and reinstall the server and restore the database. Projected restart will not be until Thursday for mail.

1:19pm, January 14th. Rebuilding mail database. Removed AC unit and discovered that the condenser motor has packed it in after four months. Mail still down.

10:28, January 14th. Mail service will be intermittent again today as we implement fixes.

4:58pm, January 13th. Mail service will be intermittent while we backup and implement fixes to the service. It may be necessary to reset mailboxes to unread but hopefully it can be avoided.

2:36pm, January 13th. Mail service, specifically list serves are encountering problems that we are working to resolve.

An airconditioning unit on our server cabinet has a failed fan that we will work to replace next week. We are hopeful that this will not interfer with user services. We may however have to take webservices down for a time which we will do off hours if necessary.

Service Interruption – Jan 12, 2009

11:54am Update. Majority of services are up and running. Helpdesk needs to be configured and hopefully will be up today.

9:17am Update. We’ve had a cooling failure at 4:30am that has resulted in an automated shutdown of services. We’ve got a temporary work around in place for cooling and we are getting services restored as soon as we can.

Service Interruption

Tuesday at 4pm we are planning on doing some work to virtualize some services. Websites and webmail may be down for short periods of time.

Helpdesk, and BASC will be down until 9am Wednesday morning.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.