2015-2016 Gr 4 Digital Citizenship and Safety Presentations Report

Laurie Petrucci from Technology Services spent time this last year presenting to Grade 4 classes regarding Digital Citizenship and Safety. Her pre and post survey results are available in the linked PDF below.

A key take away was before the session that half of our grade 4 students did not know that what they post online could be permanent.

The post survey showed that 91% of responding students believed that their online posts were permanent.

Gr4 Digital Citizenship Online Safety Concluding Summary

Digital Citizenship Plan and Computer Refresh Cycle Requirement

Originally posted September 22, 2014.

The computer desktop refresh cycle for schools replaces computers in labs as well as classroom teacher stations. This four year cycle has been in place since the 2010-2011 school year.

A requirement for schools to continue receiving these computer refreshes is that Digital Citizenship and Safety needs to be planned for and included in their school in any of the following ways:

  • Inclusion in school school culture strategies
  • Inclusion in school Framework for Enhancing Student Learning
  • Direct instruction by administrators/teachers to all classes or the school via assembly
  • Presentations written and performed by older students with younger students
  • Speakers / Presentations (RCMP for example)
  • Other strategies that provide digital citizenship/safety lessons to all students (please discuss with Principal of Technology)

The strategies must be publicly documented on the school’s website in one or more fashion

  • In the yearly FESL that is published on the website
  • A blog post that is prominently linked in a menu or otherwise
  • A page that is prominently linked in a menu or otherwise

Key Resources

Learn60 Digital Citizenship Presentation
Erase Bullying website
K-5 Digital Literacy Scope and Sequence

The above and more are available at http://district.prn.bc.ca/course/view.php?id=8

This requirement is in effect for schools up for replacement beyond July 2015.

This requirement is in addition to the current purchasing requirement for student devices that requires a plan for digital citizenship and safety which is available at http://www.prn.bc.ca/ts/?p=2165

Schools up for replacement computers (lab or classroom) in 2018-2019 are below. Links are to their plans/resources provided.

Clearview (Lab) – http://www.clearview.prn.bc.ca/?page_id=1256
NPSS (208) – http://www.npss.prn.bc.ca/?page_id=1989
Baldonnel (Classrooms) – http://www.baldonnel.prn.bc.ca/?page_id=1477
Prespatou (Classrooms) – http://www.prespatou.prn.bc.ca/?page_id=777http://www.prespatou.prn.bc.ca/wp-content/ClassroomDiscussionsAboutComputerSafetyandDigitalCitizenship-1.pdf
Taylor (Classrooms) – http://www.taylor.prn.bc.ca/?page_id=2751
Robert Ogilvie (Classrooms) – http://www.ogilvie.prn.bc.ca/wp-content/R.O.-Digital-Citizenship.pdf
CM Finch (Classrooms & Lab) – http://www.cmfinch.prn.bc.ca/?p=1129
Dr. Kearney (Classrooms) – http://kearney.prn.bc.ca/?page_id=1249
Bert Bowes (Classrooms) – http://bowes.prn.bc.ca/?page_id=1015
Ecole Central (Lab) – http://www.central.prn.bc.ca/?page_id=1966
Upper Halfway (Classrooms) – Digital Citizenship 2018

Schools up for replacement computers (lab or classroom) in 2017-2018 are below. Links are to their plans/resources provided.

NPSS (Drafting, 206) – http://www.npss.prn.bc.ca/?page_id=1989
ELC (Grant) – http://elc.prn.bc.ca/?page_id=1220
Upper Pine (Lab and Classroom) – http://www.pine.prn.bc.ca/?page_id=1427
Prespatou (Lab) – http://www.prespatou.prn.bc.ca/?page_id=777 http://www.prespatou.prn.bc.ca/?page_id=1339
Bert Ambrose (Lab and Classroom) – http://www.ambrose.prn.bc.ca/?page_id=2272
Duncan Cran (Lab) – http://www.duncan.prn.bc.ca/?page_id=1305
Dr Kearney (Lab) – http://kearney.prn.bc.ca/?page_id=1249
Clearview (Classroom) – http://www.clearview.prn.bc.ca/?page_id=1256

Schools up for replacement computers (lab or classroom) in 2016-2017 are below. Links are to their plans provided.

Alwin Holland (Lab and Classroom) – http://www.holland.prn.bc.ca/?p=4002 
Baldonnel (Lab) – Baldonnel behaviour matrix
Charlie Lake (Classroom) – http://www.charlie.prn.bc.ca/?page_id=8 
NPSS (Library Lab) – http://www.npss.prn.bc.ca/?page_id=1989
Buick – http://www.prespatou.prn.bc.ca/?page_id=777
Wonowon – Wonowon Elementary School Technology Plan 2016 – 2017
Upper Halfway – Revised UH Digital Citizenship
Hudson’s Hope (Classroom) – http://www.hudson.prn.bc.ca/?page_id=953

Schools up for replacement computers (lab or classroom) in 2015-2016 are:

Taylor (lab) – http://www.taylor.prn.bc.ca/?page_id=2751
Charlie Lake (lab) – http://www.charlie.prn.bc.ca/?p=1560
Duncan Cran (classroom) – http://www.duncan.prn.bc.ca/?page_id=1305
RO (lab) – http://www.ogilvie.prn.bc.ca/?p=1539
Ecole Central (classrooms)
NPSS (Classrooms and 204) – http://www.npss.prn.bc.ca/?page_id=1989


Student Safety


All schools

Roles & Responsibilities

School Principals are required to include digital citizenship and safety in their school planning.




December 6, 2018: Updated format
September 22, 2014: Created


Schools not participating will not be eligible for replacement funding.

Purchasing of Devices and Digital Citizenship and Safety Planning Requirement

For purchases of devices that students will be using there must be a plan in place for explicit teaching of Digital Citizenship and Safety before deployment of the devices. (iPads/Chromebooks/etc)

The Technology Administrator will discuss with the site Administrator prior to purchasing to verify that a plan is in place or will be in place prior to deployment.

Resources to Support

Learn60 Required Digital Citizenship Presentation (Parent and Student PDF)
Learn60 Required Digital Citizenship Presentation (Staff version with presentation notes)
K-5 Digital Literacy Scope and Sequence
Digital Citizenship and Safety resources Moodle

Planned Future Changes

Starting in 2015-2016 year and beyond a plan will need to be in place prior to refreshing of computer labs as per the District replacement cycle. Schools that will be getting a refresh of their lab in the summer or fall of 2015 will be required to have a plan in place that is posted on their school website on a permanent page.


Student Safety


All schools

Roles & Responsibilities

School Principals are responsible for including Digital Citizenship and Safety in school planning.




December 6, 2018: Updated format, minor updates to named roles
May 2, 2014: Created


Education of Administrative staff and Technology Services purchasing facilitator.

Button Cell Battery Dangers

Last night I received a flyer from a car seller with a contest gimmick key code device that lit up. Here were my thoughts on seeing this

  • interesting gimmick
  • this will be junk in a minute for many people and will go in the garbage
  • there has to be a battery in there to light this up
  • it’s likely a button cell
  • I wonder how safe this is for kids as button cell’s have a significant danger to them

So I decided to see how easy it was to open. It did not have screws in it to keep it closed and I was able to with a flick of a finger nail get it open. On the back in black letters on the black case it says “NOT A TOY”. Here are the pictures below. The black case is 6cm long, and the button cells are 1.1cm in diameter.

car dealer code gimmick


photo 1photo 2

I’m quite concerned about a few things below

  • button cells must be kept out of the hands of children as there is possible choking, severe burn and/or poisoning hazard if they are swallowed.
  • batteries should be recycled and not go in the trash
  • while I understand the advertising gimmick at play, this is plain junk

On the chocking, burn, and poising side there has been some recent news about button cells and quite a few collected articles at  http://www.poison.org/battery/inthenews.asp



While the global story deals with a larger button cell compared to the small ones in the pictures above, they are not rare and appear in many kinds of electronics including laptop & desktop computers and toys. The toys require panels with screws to access batteries for the obvious safety reasons or they aren’t even accessible.

To recycle these I suggest that you keep them separate so that they cannot touch each other as current may pass through them depending on if they still hold a charge and how they are stored. There is a small risk of fire otherwise which is more likely in larger batteries or if you have many together. An easy way to do this is to put a piece of tape between them or put them on a piece of tape. Take them to your nearest battery recycler that will accept them.

photo (16)

Social Media Advice from Grade 10s

A few weeks back I did a presentation with the Grade 10 Energetic Learning Campus students about social media. One activity I had the groups do was some advice to themselves when they were younger or advice they would give to a younger sibling (we appended the instructions to a younger sibling that you like) about social media. The theme of the presentation was “Think before you post”. While some tidbits have been omitted, here is the unedited advice from the students

  • Remember that everything gets recorded so anyone can find your history
  • don’t be gross
  • don’t get a cell phone
  • No Sending pictures of your junk!
  • Don’t be rude to people over the internet or facebook or text it. Be nice
  • Be Kind
  • Don’t let friends get ahold of phones
  • Think twice about what you post
  • Don’t go on while intoxicated
  • Don’t go on social media
  • Think twice before you send
  • Pick friends well
  • Treat others as you want to be treated
  • Don’t put phone # online
  • Don’t send pictures of your package…
  • No text bullying
  • Porn is traceable
  • Delete history
  • DONT send BAD pic’s!
  • Be careful what you say
  • No text bullying!
  • The emotional pain lasts forever
  • Don’t put your number online ->:O
  • Oh yeah
  • Be careful on what you put on the internet.
  • Don’t bully over text or the internet
  • Do Not Send Innapproiate Pictures
  • Stay off facebook
  • Watch what you say
  • Don’t bash other people
  • Stay in School =)
  • Stay logged out of accounts =)
  • Keep phone in locker =)
  • Don’t put phone number online
  • Do not add people you don’t know
  • tell them to not buy online drugs
  • don’t post/say anything you wouldn’t say to your grandma
  • Don’t be mean on FB
  • Don’t post inappropriate pictures/stuff
  • Don’t use webcams
  • Don’t stalk
  • Do not ADD strangers regardless of how many mutual friends you have
  • Don’t hack
  • Don’t lie to your friends
  • Don’t talk to terrorists
  • Don’t hate
  • Don’t give personal information
  • Don’t lie about your age/gender
  • Be Careful of what you post!
  • Dont do stuff to others you dont want done to yourself
  • It will never EVER go away
  • Be respectful to others =)
  • Think before you “SEND”
  • you never know where it will go! or who will see it
  • Never share wher you live, phone # or personal info
  • Don’t Post Gossip & Rumors!
  • Allways logout account when done
  • Don’t Add people you don’t know
  • Don’t hack!
  • Don’t Share your password!
  • Don’t talk to strangers!
  • Privacy on ur profile!
  • don’t post personal info
  • don’t post naughty photos!
  • Dont send nudes.
  • Dont send something you’ll regret
  • Add people you know on facebook
  • Friendly convo’s
  • Stay strong over pressure in sending pixs!
  • Geta life dont be a creep!
  • Dont make a fool of yourself or others
  • Do your work in school
  • Dont post pic3 of u smoking drugs
  • respect others
  • Don’t post bad pictures or of doing drugs or alchol
  • no bullying
  • Dont give out your password or phone number or adress
  • Careful what you post!
  • Keep your friends limmitid
  • Make sure nothings to personal
  • Think before you send or do anything
  • Make sure it wont offend anyone
  • Be carfull, others might take it the wrong way
  • Make sure your elders aprove
  • Everything you post is on the internet for good
  • Watch for preditores
  • Don’t talk to people you don’t know
  • Think before you post
  • Protect yourself before you wreck yourself
  • Consider peoples feelings
  • Dont post things that you dont want others to see
  • write apropriet things!
  • don’t post dirty pictures!
  • Dont post mean things about people.
  • Don’t make a facebook or tiwtter
  • Don’t send dirty messages
  • Watch what you post

The presentation I used was media heavy so I won’t post it however I did use some videos from