PLnet Packet Loss Resolution

Our Global incident has now been closed.

The root cause was identified as upstream vendor hardware failure. Connectivity over the main link to Victoria was re-establish on Friday and the failing component was replaced Saturday.

Monitoring done by SSBC showed no further issue since.

Planned PLNet Outages

Please Note:

RFC # 75354
Location(s):     Altin, Chetwynd, Dawson Creek, Dease Lake, Fort Nelson, and For St. John RNCs – All users
Window:  2011-09-25  06:01 through 2011-09-25  09:00  PDT
Impact:  10 minute outage during this network maintenance window
RFC # 75606 and #75607
Location(s):     SD62 – All users, Atlin, Dease Lake, Fort Nelson, and Fort St. John RNCs – All Users
Window:  2011-09-30  00:01 through 2011-09-30  06:00  PDT
Impact:  1 hour outage for this Vendor requested network maintenance

Copyright Infringement

We’ve received three copyright infringement notices from our friends at PLNet in the last couple of weeks.

Please note that downloading of music, unlicensed (pirated) movies, or unlicensed (pirated)  software on our network (in schools and teacherages) is contrary to the acceptable use policy, board policy, and Canadian copyright law.  Illegally downloading files opens our district to liability. For students and staff it may open them to disciplinary action and possibly legal action.

There is still some discussion regarding music downloading according to the law, but it is against the acceptable use policy for our district so it should not be done on our network.

School computers used by students generally are not able to download these types of files. Staff computers as well as private machines are the usual suspects as the user has rights to install the software that facilitates the downloading of illegal files.

Investigations are time consuming at the best of time and ultimately will result in a lower level of service to all of our staff.

This is a social and personal responsibility issue that needs to be addressed by all staff and students.

PLNet Future Upgrades

I’ve been informed that the majority of our schools have been identified due to bandwidth use for upgrades by 2011. This is a big project! The upgrades will move our schools to 10MB fibre optic connections. We may qualify in a few sites for 100MB connections as well.

This year we have funded upgrades to Upper Pine and Prespatou which should be done in November. PLNet picks up the majority of the cost, we upgrade our facilities for the most part. Dr Kearney and Bert Bowes are slated for February of 2009. The following summer or later in the 09-10 school year Clearview and Hudson’s hope are next. The rest of the prioritization will depend on bandwidth usage (whether or not you are pegged out), and budget for facility upgrades where necessary. Schools that are pegged out and do not need large facilities upgrades will likely be done in 09-10 as well as schools that may need facilities upgrades and are pegged out.

More to come.