JTAC Statement – Standard Tech in Classrooms


The Joint Technology Advisory Committee is a committee comprised of members of the PRNTA, CUPE, Administration, and the Superintendent. It discusses issues involving technology in education, and school district business. Today’s discussion topic was Standard Technology in Classrooms. The Joint Committee has released the following statement:

    • Classrooms should have a desktop computer or device and access to a digital projector. Ideally, classrooms have their own digital projector.

K-5 ICT Scope and Sequence

Since 2010 Technology staff, the Joint Technology Advisory Committee (JTAC) and others  have contributed on a Scope and Sequence for information and communication technologies for Kindergarten to Grade 5.

Below is a portion of the working document that we ask K-5 teachers and other interested learning community members to provide feedback on. This document focuses on suggested activities by grade. You may use the public commenting feature of the blog or if you prefer to comment by email you may do so to any of the JTAC members (see below).

You can view the document at https://docs.google.com/document/d/10Z7x8p_XdEWqUYLV9nbQbZJEePmp5n4uVCp-SdBRvQU/edit

JTAC is a Joint Committee with membership from CUPE, PRNTA and SD Administration. The current members are

Wally Miedema (CUPE – Transportation)
Bruce Wood (CUPE – Technology)
Michele Wiebe (PRNTA – Local President)
Jennifer Nowell (PRNTA – Teacher Upper Pine)
Dave Burridge (Vice Principal – Alwin Holland)
Jarrod Bell (Principal – Technology)

JTAC will be seeking ad-hoc members who are K-5 Teachers to continue to develop this scope and sequence this year. If you would be willing to participate, share your expertise and help develop lessons for the suggested activities please do email one of the JTAC members above to identify yourself.