FSA 2011

Everything you wanted to know (testing your computer, administration, practice tests at least) about the 2011 FSA is available at


Important Dates
Field Test Units Available online November 22, 2010 – January 14, 2011
Assessment Administration in Schools January 17 – February 25, 2011
Scoring and Score Entry Complete March 18, 2011
Identifying Students No Longer Enrolled March 18, 2011
Schools Send Response Booklets & Student Results Home to Parents March 31, 2011

Local Support

Your site based technician will be checking your computers for the FSA. If you have any issues please speak with them or contact the Helpdesk. The District FSA Technical Lead is myself (jbell@prn.bc.ca), but please contact the helpdesk first for technical issues.

Helpdesk 250-263-6442

Ministry Support

AWIS Technical Support: 1-866-558-5339 (toll free)


Feb 2010 FSA Results – in response to Energeticcity

Energeticcity recently posted a story about School District 60 kids and stats on FSA, class size, and Provincial Exams.


I’d like Energeticcity to reference where they are getting their results from as they are mixing various reports which may represent different years however no referencing makes their assertions difficult to verify or refute and paints an unclear picture for members of our community. From the article,

In the FSA Student Achievement report School District 60 ranks higher than the provincial average with grade 4 students in reading and numeracy, SD 60 ranks lower in writing. In grade 7 students, the district ranks higher in reading, but lower than the provincial average in writing and numeracy.

Which year are you looking at in that statement? Here’s my synopsis of the February 2010 FSA with SD60 and Provincial results along with the reports and links to where you can find them. These reports show that SD60 students are equal to or  higher in all areas in reading, writing, and numeracy except for grade 7 numeracy for students meeting or exceeding expectations on the FSA.

2010 FSA Results for Grade 4 – % of Students Meeting or Exceeding

Reading: 68%  SD60 / 68% Province – 0% difference

Writing: 81% SD60 / 69% Province – +12% SD60

Numeracy: 67% SD60 / 63% Province- + 4% SD60

2010 FSA Results for Grade 7 – % of Students Meeting or Exceeding

Reading: 65%  SD60 / 65% Province – 0% difference

Writing: 78% SD60 / 68% Province – + 10% SD60

Numeracy: 56% SD60 / 63% Province – +7% Province

Feb 2010 Provincial FSA Results

Feb 2010 SD60 FSA Results

taken June 29, 2010 from



How to use Google Calendar to sign up for your FSA tech support

The following video shows you how to sign up for a google account and how to use google calendar to sign up for your FSA tech support.

Google Calendar How-to (zoomed)

Google Calendar How-to (external link)

Google Calendar How-To (internal link only, must be in SD60 Network)

Give this a try as your technology challenge for the week. If you cannot get this to work or if you’d like to double check that it did work please email or ichat Jarrod Bell.

2009 FSA Planning Conference

FSA Planning Conference, October 28th


  • lots of upgrades from plnet and awis
  • tremendous amount of load testing
  • confident problems encountered have been solved
  • not certain on some of the reasons for latency issues

e-FSA 2009 Planning

  • lower rate of use in the afternoon provincially
  • highest at 9am, 11am Pacific
  • need to run sample test at all sites again
  • Can decide who writes when or allow schools flexibility. Is this a district decision or school by school?
  • Sample 2009 is now available on the website… http://www.bced.gov.bc.ca/eassessment/fsa.htm
  • Longer field testing, Dec 8 – Jan 23rd… unit of test only. Students are randomly assigned units
  • Field test can be used to test the system with WTS resources monitoring location (Peter Goldberg at PLNet, Brian Jonkers at Assessment branch)
  • FSA Administration is Feb 2-27th.
  • Can schedule at will
  • reqs
  • PC windows 2000, XP, Vista
  • Mac OSX 10.3, 10.4, 10.5
  • IE 5.5-7, Firefox 3.0.1 on the PC
  • Safari 3.1, Firefox (firefox 3.0 worked on mac) Mac
  • Pop-up blockers must be turned off
  • Pre-admin test at web address above should be tested on the machines to be used, quick way to test
  • Trusted sites: https://www.awinfosys.com, add this site in web browser on proxy server if problems occur
  • Cookies must be enabled… if they are not enabled you will see a “password is incorrect”
  • Javascripting must be enabled, blank pages often occur if javascript is not enabled
  • Proxy caching must be turned off during exam administration
  • If you have difficulties on the login page (blank page after login) hit F5 or Apple+R to refresh the screen and try logging in again.
  • Questions can be directed to PRN helpdesk from schools. Technology Services can call A. Willock if we have difficulty at 1-866-558-5339 (not to be used by schools please! Call helpdesk first so we can troubleshoot it first)
  • Don’t hit F5 / refresh after they have started. Shouldn’t  need to refresh during fsa.
  • Caching turned off is critical. If logging into network with same login on mac, make sure they don’t have a home directory (shared chaching)… need to check new ncomputing boxes

Questions for our planning

  • local issues?
  • Scheduling?
  • Timelines?
  • Resources?
  • Communication?


  • stagger students writing the e-fsa and the written to prevent cheating, extra space in lab. Don’t need to stagger for load.
  • mix the grade 4 and 7 into same lab, multiaged group, 7’s can model and help possibly