Rural Schools Technology Trainer Session

October 22nd, 2008 Sheraton Wall Centre

The trainer session goes over how to support our rural teachers in the cohort.


  • Session was provided F2F with a synchronous elluminate video/slide feed.
  • Rural Schools will provide four elluminate sessions through BCELC for leadership development.
  • Looking for partnerships with district initiatives so that we are maximizing opportunities
  • Rural schools has asked me to provide some collaboration with or rural teachers. They will provide some funds for this as well!
  • Intent of the conference is not that it is a two/three day conference that ends here. This will continue on throughout the year via elluminate
  • nearly 500 registrants this year to conference
  • Participants felt that the themes of the conference represented the needs of the participants
  • They effectively modeled the use elluminate in the classroom
  • Need to check machines are rural schools that elluminate will run on them. I believe this should be fine but I will ask the teachers who come to have an elluminate session with me before.
  • The NRT cohort will have one f2f session and three elluminate sessions. Other teachers are welcome to attend those sessions. We can invite all rural teachers to these sessions. Could we use this a gatekeeper for those who would like to attend the conference next year?
  • I will be posting times to this site and will support teachers who would like to attend
  • Professional Online sessions are also available through Rural schools on Monday afternoons for an hour
  • The topics for conference this year will continue on with the plenary speakers through elluminate sessions
  • Draw for people that participate, some district uses a moodle forum for rural schools… use the news forum to get the info out there so participants will get the email, others can check and join… prizes for participants to the moodle site.
  • Elluminate could be used with Duncan Cran and their rural schools for meetings
  • I’ve posted a new moodle course on the district moodle site called Rural Schools. I’ve added the webconference dates in the calendar and will work this week on adding more info.
  • Specifics for Trainers
  • We held two sessions in the same room where one was out loud, and the other was through elluminate via headphones with the presenter at the back of the same room.. really cool!
  • Elluminate version 9 is being added Friday
  • Went over setting up profile in elluminate that will follow you whenever you login. Great!
  • Went over breakout groups, amazingly fast and simple. This could be great for the admin meetings
  • Showed application sharing with regions so you can keep the communications window open and share your desktop and it looks great!

ERAC 2008: Wrap-up

Looking at streaming video. A possible change for next year would be purchasing videos provincially and selling them (similar to what the ministry used to do) in digital formats at low cost with specific BC focus.

There is a concerted effort to keep people informed, but cannot release negotiation info until things are agreed upon.

Learning Resources: ERAC is working on some way to organize things for the province again (similar to what the ministry used to do). They are working on models that they will be able to update us on by the end of October.

All 60 districts and over 100 independents have joined ERAC. Looking to work with neighbouring provinces on consortium acquisitions.

Participants will be the SD’s Professional Learning contact so they can help us help our schools.

ERAC 2008: Video and Streaming in the Classroom

Waynor and Discovery Education streaming (aka united streaming) are in partnership with this streaming project.

Started the session with questions from the group to help and steer the direction of the presentation which included whether these can be embedded into moodle, what are the costs, compatibility, bandwidth issues etc.

Discovery Education streaming is a password protected user site, access to 5000 videos, and 44,000 video segments. Use 22,000 different images and clip art, over 1500 editable videos,  more than 1000 closed captioned videos, full teacher guides and blackline masters, interactive atlas, calender, aligned to BC curriculum standards, download capability for virtually all videos.

Site has an administrative capabilities with user reports, content filtering at discretion, managing users, generate stats, gauge effectiveness of streaming.

Enables engaging multimedia lessons so our students do not need to power down when they come into our classrooms.

Each school that signs up gets a unique pass code that is used to register teachers on the site. Teachers can create a custom account and save items including assignments links, quizzes…

There is a professional-development section that shows teachers how they can integrate video into their classrooms.

Streaming can be used to preview, but teachers should download if they are planning to use it in their classroom to avoid any network problems. Video’s can be added to powerpoint, web, moodle etc.

Very good teacher section with LO, students can do assignments online, email verification to teachers, add video, images, questions etc, export assignments to word.

Also demoed how it can be imported into WP. Moodle would work as well. I’d recommend using the mov format as it is cross platform. Let’s try…

calorie (mov file)

calorie (asf)

Yep, it works!

Drumroll on the cost:$1.98 / FTE in schools with a minimum of $485.

Each school gets a point person for the company (department head) who will receive passcode info for their teachers. This also enables better pro-d within the school as there is support locally. (pro-d available on website as well that helps that point person)

I would list this as a BUY if you have money in your LR budget, especially if you have projectors, and smartboards in your classrooms.