Planned PLNet Outages

Please Note:

RFC # 75354
Location(s):     Altin, Chetwynd, Dawson Creek, Dease Lake, Fort Nelson, and For St. John RNCs – All users
Window:  2011-09-25  06:01 through 2011-09-25  09:00  PDT
Impact:  10 minute outage during this network maintenance window
RFC # 75606 and #75607
Location(s):     SD62 – All users, Atlin, Dease Lake, Fort Nelson, and Fort St. John RNCs – All Users
Window:  2011-09-30  00:01 through 2011-09-30  06:00  PDT
Impact:  1 hour outage for this Vendor requested network maintenance

Planned Internet Outage – March 13 6:01am – 9:00am PST

Please note that there will be a region wide internet outage for up to 2 hours at schools between 6:01am – 9:00am PST (clocks change this weekend in the rest of the world so we match the PLNet notices for times again) on Sunday, March 13th. This is to facilitate router upgrades for the regional network connection.

RFC #66094

Location(s): Fort St. John RNC – All users

Window: 2011-03-13 06:01 through 2011-03-13 09:00 PST

Impact: 2 hour outage during network maintenance to the Fort St. John RNC

Planned Internet Outage – All Schools – March 6, 7:01am – 10am

Please be aware of the planned internet outage on Sunday, March 6th from 7:01am 10:00 am local time. This is for a regional PLNet/SPANBC internet upgrade from a 100Mb to 1Gb connection. The outage will be up to 2 hours during this time frame.

RFC #66093

Location(s): Fort St. John RNC  – All users

Window: 2011-03-06 06:01 through 2011-03-06 09:00 PST

Impact: Up to 2 hour outage during this network maintenance