Moodle is a Learning Management System (LMS) that is free to our district to use. It is a powerful tool that can be used for simple websites or taken to deliver full courses in a hybrid or distributed education environment. Below are PDF or movies about how to get started using moodle.

If you would like a course on you will need to log into (DWL account) your server above before you can be attached to the course. After you’ve logged in for the first time please email Craig Simmons with your school and title of your course you’d like created. You need to send the request from your PRN or Learn60 account please.

For moodle support please contact Craig Simmons at Northern BC Distance Education School. 250-261-5660

Old videos 

Please note that these documents below and videos are out of date.

Files require either Adobe Reader or Quicktime to view.

Login to a District Moodle (other than NPSS)
Moodle Instructions
Accessibility Settings (security) for your moodle site
Edit Course Summary

Text Document
Edit Unit summary
Create a Web Page
Add a Picture to a Resource
Upload a File
Uploading and Sharing Files with Folders (May 4)
Link to Uploaded Files and How to Display a Directory
Upload and link a File (long)
Link to a Web Site
Add a Label
Move a Resource
Creating an Assignment
How students complete assignments
How to mark an assignment
Embedding a video from youtube
Creating a Quiz (PDF)
Adding an Account (Moodle Admins Only)

Moodle sites are available at