Technology Services as a department requirement commits to reducing, reusing, and recycling wherever possible.

We currently recycle computers, monitors and peripherals that no longer have a useful life in the district or elsewhere.

Schools had been recycling printer toner cartridges themselves or through other schools until recently through a commercial return program. Unfortunately that program has been cancelled. To maintain the recycling of printer cartridges rather than risk having them go to the landfill, Technology Services will now offer that recycling service to schools.

To recycle Laser toner cartridges with Technology Services please

  • when you change a toner cartridge, put the old toner in the bag and the box from the new toner cartridge.
  • Mark the box visibly with an “R” or “RECYCLE”
  • tape the box up and mail to TS at Facilities or ask your Site Technician to pick up any when they visit.

To recycle Inkjet cartridges with Technology Services please

  • collect many of them in a large zip lock bag
  • ask your Site Technician to pick up when it is full and they are on location for a visit

TS will recycle the cartridges and any packaging they come with.


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