Catering for TS – Requirement

In an effort to reduce our waste stream the following requirement has been created.

All arms of the Technology Services department will follow these guidelines when purchasing food for sessions.

  1. Any containers/materials supplied by a caterer to deliver food should be preferably reusable or at least recyclable (no Styrofoam, no non-organic waste, no plastic utensils)
  2. We are to use reusable plates, dishes and utensils
  3. Participants of the session will be asked to help clear the dishes to either the SBO or SSS or Grandhaven dishwasher and help clean any reusable containers from the caterers
  4. Plastic containers or paper bags are to be cleaned by session participants and recycled

Caterers are to be informed of this requirement. If they cannot meet our requirement on certain items we will not purchase those items from them (nb: usually soup in styrofoam containers). If they will not or cannot meet our requirement we will discontinue use of that caterer.


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December 6, 2018 – Updated format
September 7, 2009 – Created


Technology Services staff education.

11 Replies to “Catering for TS – Requirement”

  1. I think they are great suggestions Jarrod. I just wonder if someone is going to take the initiative to find caterers that can fill those needs, instead of us all having to go through trial and error. It might be easier to just list a few caterers that can fulfil our wishes to go along with the policy.

    1. Yes I agree, I was going to send the policy to some of our caterers as well so they can respond and decide whether they want to continue to provide us their services.

  2. Actually soup would work fine if the caterer just delivered it in a stainless steel tureen with a ladle! Its the styro-foam bowls that are the issue.

  3. Couldn’t the board simply make a blanket policy for all departments and school sites? Enforcement might be a bear but at least it would be out there. I attended a staff lunch at a elementary school today that had virtually zero waste – all of your proposed protocols were followed and the dishes were done by hand.

  4. Good stuff! Perhaps we should meld these thoughts with the “user group” expectations/list for clean up of the two conference rooms. Ken Froese has supported an adult with special needs to help with the recycling of bottles/cans…we can find out the status of this support again for this year. In regards to ‘soup’…perhaps a caterer would consider bringing in the actual pot….and we can dish out our own soup into mugs/bowls…

  5. Mm, the board, having for itself determined to go in this direction, is of the view that the process will work much better if it comes from the grass roots, not mandated top down.The board members did discuss making a policy, but after some informal discussion decided not. Maybe some help with the logistics would be appropriate?
    Congratulations Jarrod for getting the ball rolling.

  6. Well ladies and gentlemen. Your standards are right in line with what we practice in the Cook Training Program. If you are looking for a caterer that will gladly comply with your guidelines we are who you should be talking to. We can supply you with everything from soup and sandwiches to practically anything you can think of. The experience gained by my students is invaluable. We are very creative in sourcing local ingredients to use in our dishes. To book your next function please send an email to me at Thank you

  7. If the district can afford to educate out of province students at an expense of tens of thousands of dollars without cost recovery, it can afford to spend an extra five cents to purchase biodegradeable plates and cutlery.

  8. We, at RO, had an excellent lunch from Whole and Honey. They supplied the food in stainless steel containers and we simply returned them at the end of the day. The food was exceptional! Did you know that if you bring your travel mug the price of your coffee is discounted! Thanks for helping to clean up our planet. SARah

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