4 year old iPad minis – ideas?

It was announced last week that we would be refreshing the 1:1 grade 6 iPads this summer, see http://www.prn.bc.ca/ts/?p=2502 for more on that.

At our last refresh of devices we replaced macbooks with ipads. The macbooks were then repurposed into carts at middle schools, made available to grade 5s in a 5/6 split, and as for the rest we asked for ideas. That post and comments are available at – http://www.prn.bc.ca/ts/?p=2199 .  Last time we completed the process to reassign these devices late in the fall. Public comments from staff helped to determine that the priority was for primary classrooms for those macbooks. We then later asked for specific requests and filled them.

So in keeping with the philosophy that the “best mind in the room is the room” we’d ask for your public comments on this blog post for ideas for extra ipad minis to be distributed. These ideas as well as district goals will help us determine priorities for distribution.  At a later date a form will be made available for requests. We will have several hundred available.

Fine print… Please note these extra 4 yr old ipads are 16GB minis and have been updated to iOS 9.3.5 and will not be able to take a newer OS. There may immediately be compatibility issues, for example the Swift Playgrounds app needs iOS10+ to be installed and cannot run on these devices. The devices that get granted become school owned and the schools will need to bear any costs related to them (carts, apps, repairs etc). These devices haven’t made their way on to our End of Life specs but the OS limitation will cause issues in the near future. They will not be available for sale.

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  1. I think the iPads should first go to the Gr5 and 5/6 classes. Then the Gr 4 and primary teacher’s would be the next to benefit from them. That would free up laptops, which could go in a COW for Gr4 and primary teacher’s to sign out.

  2. Would these run Raz-kids, math games, simple primary coding apps such as scratch Jr? Would internet be assessible? If so my vote goes to putting into primary rooms to use.

    1. The services would need apps that can run on 9.3.5. I know scratch Jr does. Raz has an app called Kids A-Z. Internet would be accessible.

  3. As a grade 5/6 teacher for many years, it would be wonderful if grade 5s could use them as it is very difficult to have only part of your class having iPads. They could be put in the same carts as the grade sixes iPads. I think it would be fine that they may have different apps, at least they are still able to be used for things like Google docs.

  4. I would like to see them used during centers for Kindergarten and/or Grade 1 students. Many apps for primaries can be utilized in classrooms in centers or for individual instruction.

  5. Hi,
    At Prespatou, and other schools, the ipads can be used to run Scratch Programming, Spheros, cubelets and other robotics support.
    Our Drama classes could use them for shooting video and for video editing, which currently we do not have this capability.

    We would love to access 15 iPads as that number would work well to double up students and meet the needs of our different class sizes, K-12.

    Thanks for the opportunity!!

  6. I propose getting all grade 5s access to an ipad. Then distribute them to primary classrooms for raz kids and coding.

  7. I would love to see these dispatched to classrooms that are going to use them. We had the macbooks and really put them to good use. An ideal amount/primary class is 6. They would be great in the grade 4/5 level as well.

  8. DKMS is interested in a class set of iPad mini for our robotics class, spheros and coding.

  9. Given the dearth of technology available to all classes not Grade 6, I think some sort of school based distribution should be worked out. Schools should have first option to get a set of iPads large enough for a class to work with, then the school can figure out sharing on their own. Having some classes with a couple of iPads because they are distributed piece meal only exacerbates the technology gap in our schools.

  10. I’d love to see them in any split Grade 6 class – it just makes everything so much easier if all have ipads. We are looking at the possibility of having 2 6/7 classes so it would be great for the teachers to have the extra ipads.

    Yes, if schools don’t have split 6 classes I am sure there would be primary classes that would love to learn how to use them.

  11. We would love to see them to continue our journey into ADST. Through all the various robotics, video creation and editing, and 3D modelling, the students would be able to access these devices through any common area schools have such as the Clearview Learning Centre.
    For a class to run 8 spheros, 4 WiFi cubelets, 6 OSMOs, Various 3d Modelling, it would great to see a set of 28 available to match the split grade class size for students to be able to work on one device each.
    Having them stored in a COW cart makes for a great secure location and with the size of those carts, it is easier to move to the cart then to move the cart to the class.

  12. I would love to utilize these I-pads in kindergarten. With so much of our learning being play-based and experimental, it would be great for the students to be able to photograph or video what they are up to. These photos/videos are powerful snapshots to relate to core competencies and other learning outcomes. With this goal in mind, not being able to update the devices is of no concern, and we would not need very many per class (3-6 would be ideal).

  13. The Jr Alternate School would really benefit from something like this! This year we have been using some D.E courses. Allowing students to access their lessons from their seat could allow for more productivity and reduce behavioural issues. Also it may encourage students to repeat the lesson if it is right in front of them.

  14. Could we submit a proposal as a school? We could certainly use a number of the iPads in 5/6 classes, for primary centres, for supporting students with different learning needs, and for working with coding/ADST/spheros. We can purchase some from our budget, but not as many as we need.

    1. I think a school proposal would be fine. Open to ideas at the moment! Whatever we do to ask for requests we don’t want it to be onerous though.

  15. Through our tech staff, I have started my Gr. 2 class in Prespatou on the Scratch programme. The students are able to continue developing their coding skills and thoroughly enjoy the process. I would like to see some iPads in my classroom.

  16. I think that the Grade 5/6 classes should get them to supplement those Grade 5’s without technology. In my Grade 5/6 class, I only have 6 Ipads and then 20 old Macbooks (2 of which do not work so I have two students without. I have had to bring my own Ipad from home for one student and use my teacher Ipad for the other student). It is hard to get the wireless writing program done or ADST when I do not have the technology required.

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  17. I would love to see some of this technology come out to rural schools that lack a computer lab, classroom computers or shared iPad cart.

  18. I think that grade 5/6 and 6/7 classes should have first access to the iPads. Then, it would be great if any additional iPads could transition with students to grade 7.

  19. I can’t think of a single teacher or LAT that wouldn’t appreciate a six pack of iPads for guided reading centres, ADST centres, IXL math centres.
    Every single classroom in the district needs portable tech like iPas. Wherever you end up placing the, they’ll be appreciated, especially if they allow access to digital learning forums (IXL, spellingcity.com, etc), collaborative creation (splice, stop-motion, etc) & coding!
    We know you guys will place them where they’re needed most & thank u for continuously trying to get all of our kids the tech they need to be 21st century learners.

  20. I also agree that grade 5s in split classes should have access to an IPad. However, there is a lot we could do with iPads in primary classes also!

  21. I would like to see the I-pads used for children who have special needs whether these be learning disabilities, physical disabilities or ELL students. There are a lot of applications that could really assist these students in their learning.

    1. We will be taking a portion of the iPads and making them available to Learning Services.

    2. I agree. There are always students in schools that aren’t in a classroom that has access to technology, that would really benefit from it. I am thinking speech to text programs, and apps to help aid their learning. The possibilities are endless!

  22. Baldonnel would like to have a class set of these iPads available as a moveable cart to allow for use in our Primary classroom – set of 22 would be ideal. We do a lot of “buddy work” and the older students have worked with the younger classes to teach them how to access and navigate various apps … our younger students are now eager to continue the learning opportunities on these devices.

  23. At Taylor, we would love a class set of ipads to use among the classrooms (moveable cart). They would be used for LiD, RAZ kids, Mathletics, and typing documents.

  24. I share the opinion of others to keep the surplus in the schools where they are, furnish grade 5s and then put the rest in a COW and let others use them, especially the Grade 4s.
    Otherwise, I think some of our students with special needs might benefit from technology that their teachers can differentiate and load content on to expand access, as well as helping kids to learn to use voice to text software to get their ideas recorded when writing is a barrier to success.

  25. I would love to see a class set of iPads come out to the rural schools. Wonowon would love a class set of iPads to use among the classrooms as we do not have a computer lab, classroom computers or a library. Our students would benefit greatly from having access to iPads as they are primarily ELL. We have already noticed a huge improvement with our intermediate grade students from using the iPads to improve their English as well as using speech to text programs.

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