PLNet Future Upgrades

I’ve been informed that the majority of our schools have been identified due to bandwidth use for upgrades by 2011. This is a big project! The upgrades will move our schools to 10MB fibre optic connections. We may qualify in a few sites for 100MB connections as well.

This year we have funded upgrades to Upper Pine and Prespatou which should be done in November. PLNet picks up the majority of the cost, we upgrade our facilities for the most part. Dr Kearney and Bert Bowes are slated for February of 2009. The following summer or later in the 09-10 school year Clearview and Hudson’s hope are next. The rest of the prioritization will depend on bandwidth usage (whether or not you are pegged out), and budget for facility upgrades where necessary. Schools that are pegged out and do not need large facilities upgrades will likely be done in 09-10 as well as schools that may need facilities upgrades and are pegged out.

More to come.