SMS Phishing

I received a text message today and it made me think about an increase in phishing attacks via text messaging or SMS. You’ll recall that phishing is using a social engineering technique to get you to respond by clicking or trying to login or give your personal info to a fake website. This usually comes in via email or social media. We are starting to see them via text messages.

They are likely the usual form of phishing methods but using a new medium.


So I could be curious and reply back to find out who this is, but then they’d know this is a live number with a curious owner. It certainly could be someone who knows me but I don’t recognize the number so I’ll leave this unanswered.

A bigger danger in these random sms phishing messages is links that could dial a charge number if you tap on them, or take you to a website which might ask for your location via your gps or try and get you to submit your info.

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Think before you click and keep your personal info safe.