DWL Password Changes – Requirement

As a security measure, those requesting a DWL (District Wide Login) password change must do so via their site secretary or administrator through a work order or by the UMRA tool accessible by the site secretary. This may also be done in person via the site technician, provided they know the staff member, and they will create the work order. This is to make sure that we can verify the identity of the person requesting the password change.

The work order should include the staff member’s first and last name. A new password will be generated and listed in the completed work order. The completed work order will be shared with the site secretary or administrator who can inform the staff member of their new password.

The appropriate work order path is Technology Services > Administration > Accounts > District

We recommend that staff sign up for self service password management at https://webapps.prn.bc.ca:8443 so that they can change their passwords themselves if need be.

For more information on the ways staff can change their password please see http://bit.ly/60chgpass


Security Measure


All Staff

Roles & Responsibilities

Technology Services staff able to change passwords are to follow this requirement




November 26, 2018 Updated – changed to webapps from old toolbox service
Dec 17, 2012 Enacted


Technology Services staff education and training.

2 Replies to “DWL Password Changes – Requirement”

  1. Do we want to mention that users who log in to PCs can also change their password via Ctrl-Alt-Del? Or does a high enough percentage of staff use Macs to render the issue moot?

  2. Also, I think we should say that the work order should contain the user’s full name and the password they want to use.

    We might want to add a bit about password complexity. While not currently required, having a secure password is a good habit for our users to get into. (Google requires a secure password if it is reset in Google Apps. But if it is set in AD and then Google is updated from that, it can be anything.)

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