SD 60 PBS Year-End Celebration!

Last night we had a great evening of sharing our schools’ journeys with PBS this year and the ways that school teams are supporting and encouraging students to be the best for the world! We had 12 schools represented at the event, and 8 school teams presented!! A huge thank you to everyone who shared their story.

It was a great opportunity to listen, reflect, and engage with others as we shared the different ways that we work to build socially responsible citizens. We were struck by how much our school teams do as members of learning communities with students. Lots of great examples of how we are encouraging and empowering students to become leaders! Way to go SD 60!!


Here’s a storify to highlight just a few of the things that were shared last night (Thanks, Debbie!) Year End PBS Celebration



Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 10.12.41 AM

PBS in February

This past month there have been lots of exciting things happening with PBS in our district! On February 9, we had our PBS Rep training session, where we looked at the inquiry process as a framework for implementing PBS in our schools.

We have already had the chance to work with a number of PBS teams as they have begun to use the inquiry model to identify student learning needs, plan school-wide initiatives, and determine ways to measure the impact they have on students! If your team would like to connect with some schools already using the inquiry model, the teams at Robert Ogilvie, Alwin Holland, Clearview, or Upper Pine would be able to share their experiences so far. District PBS Coaches Kyle Doerksen and Tim Ylagan would also be happy to support teams as they look at PBS using the inquiry process!


With Pink Shirt Day coming up tomorrow, we’d love to see what’s happening throughout the district. Please take pictures and share them with us!