About Me

Welcome, my name is Cindy McGarroch and I am School District 60’s Positive School Culture & Social-Emotional Learning Support Teacher.  I support teachers & schools in a variety of ways.  I work with individual teachers, collaborate with groups and facilitate professional development sessions. One of the perks of my role is the opportunity for professional growth, reflection & creating opportunities for positive change.  My job is to support in the areas of School Connectedness, Positive School Culture, Social-Emotional Learning and Mental Health Literacy, which in turn supports student wellbeing & achievement. I enjoy working with teachers, helping them incorporate successful strategies that will make a difference for all our students. My focus is on creating an accepting, safe, encouraging environment where all members of the school community feel connected and thrive!! We are a community of learners and will enrich our profession by building on our strengths. Our District’s focus is Inclusion and Diversity — where differences are seen as a strength!!  Where ALL means ALL!!  I’ll add where everyone is accepted and appreciated for their uniqueness!! Our slogan is “Together we Learn”, but I’d like to promote “Together We’re Better” and “Together we Care”! I love my work!!