Great enthusiasm at today’s Rep Session!!

Thanks to all the attendees for the rich discussion and sharing during the Positive School Culture Session today.  Tentatively we meet on February 7th from 1-3 in the DDC for our second session (I will confirm details when I know the TTOC situation – some people were unable to make today’s session due to a TTOC shortage).  Our Celebration is set for May 16th from 4-6:30 with supper included!!  Each school will present 3 slides again – details will be posted!!

Here is the slideshow October 18th Positive School Culture Slide Deck

4 Key Elements Graphic Organizer — 4 Key Elements Brainstorm & Sharing Activity

4 Key Elements with recorded ideas, strategies & initiatives — 4ElementsRecordedIdeas

The Feelings Activity — The Feelings Walking Tour

Social-Emotional Learning 5 Domains — EnglishWheel (2)

Silent Drawing Activity & Reflection Questions — SilentDrawingActivity&Questions

Silent Drawing 11 x 17 paper —Silent DrawPaper

Examples of Reps Cooperative Silent Drawing — SilentDrawingExamples

Compassionate Curiosity Article

Learning Evidence for 2018-2019

  1. Key Elements of Success with Action Plan (Google Form → one per school)  (CM)
  2. ASSESS → “Incident” → Referrals & Reports (School Framework)
  3. School Connectedness Survey – carry out October & May – 5 common questions on shared Google Form (School Framework)
  4. Artifacts in Personal & Social Competencies (supported by School Rep/Team)  (CM – One per school by April for District Framework)

April 12th PSC Rep Session

Our next PSC Rep Session will be from 1-3 pm at the DDC on April 12th.  Please call Dena (she will have the TTOC code for you) and fill out a leave form.  Also, accept the calendar invite so I can be prepared with materials and snacks!!  We will have time for collaboration, updates, & sharing, as well, I will have new information for you. Can’t wait to get together!!!

December 8, 2017 Rep Session

Welcome to School District 60’s School Connectedness blog!  This year as the Positive School Culture Coach,  I will meet with reps and school teams to focus on Healthy Relationships and School Connectedness!  We had our first session  on December 8th and shared how we are creating safe, inclusive environments for ALL!!  Below you will find the session presentation and all handouts — if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Cindy

Positive School Culture & School Connectedness 2017-2018 — Presentation

Reps – please collect this learning evidence 2017-2018

  1. Each Rep/team will develop and implement a School Connectedness Survey – completed at the beginning and end of the year
  2. 4 Key Elements of Success – each school/team will complete one google form in the spring
  3. Artifacts in Personal & Social Competencies (All teachers will collect one artifact per student in P & S Competency — Reps/teams will support teachers)  {Rep will share one artifact with Cindy for the District Framework)
  4. Incidents will be recorded in ASSESS  – ongoing

What is a healthy school? – Group Brainstorm Activity

School Connectedness Puzzle Pieces

4 Pillar Activity – Conversational Activity

BC Healthy Schools Resource Guide 2013 – Student and/or Teacher Inquiry – Grants Available

Personal & Social Competency Poster – created by Cindy & Cathy, 2017

Using Picture Books to Nurture the Core Competencies

nvsd44 Core Competency Booklist

Sooke sd62 Core Competency Booklist

Social Justice Booklist





Creating Compassionate Learning Communities and Growth Mindset

Literacy Series Session #1 Presentation

Today we met for an hour for the first session of a monthly Literacy Series focused on Creating Compassionate Learning Communities and Growth Mindset.  Thanks to the teachers who attended at this busy time of year.  A highlight for me was teacher’s sharing what they have already implemented in their classes this year.  Sharing is powerful!!  Can’t wait for the next session on October 12 @ the DDC from 4-5 pm.

Culture Lessons – Literacy & SEL

The Rabbits by Shaun Tan & John Marsden  (Theme: Residential Schools and/or Environment)  A rich and haunting allegory of colonization for all ages and cultures, told from the viewpoint of native animals. This stunning picture book examines the consequences of the arrival of a group of rabbits with entirely unfamiliar ways. They bring new food and animals, and they make their own houses to live in, eventually dominating the environment and its other inhabitants. The parallels with our own experience are many: “They chopped down our trees and scared away our friends and stole our children…”


Intermediate Lesson Slideshow

Intermediate Lesson Plan

Intermediate Graphic Organizers & Handouts

Intermediate Student Work Samples

High School Slideshow

High School Lesson Plan, Graphic Organizers & Work Samples

Relatives with Roots by Leah Marie Dorion (Theme: Medicinal Plants, Relationships, Identity and/or Environment)  Relatives With Roots: A Story About Métis Women’s Connection to the Land is a heartfelt story about a Métis grandmother who takes her granddaughter out into the bush to teach her how to pick traditional medicines. As the granddaughter learns the traditional beliefs and stories about how the Métis people use the plants for food and medicine, she feels happy to be a Métis child with access to such wonderful cultural knowledge. This charming and vibrant book introduces young readers to key concepts in the traditional Métis worldview while focusing on the special relationship between a young Métis girl and her grandmother. Relatives With Roots is the second in a series of children’s books relating to traditional Métis values by Leah Marie Dorion. The first book, The Giving Tree: A Retelling of a Traditional Métis Story, was nominated in 2010 for a Willow Award in the Shining Willow category.


Intermediate Lesson Slideshow

Intermediate Lesson Plan

Lesson Graphic Organizer and Student Handout

Memory Cards

Student WorkSamples


Mystery Picture & #tags Lesson Slideshow



Love it or Loathe it!! Writing Fun with SEL embedded everywhere!!

If you want an engaging writing lesson that works well at the beginning of the year… try “Love it or Loathe it!!” from “Marvelous Mini Lessons for Teaching Intermediate Writing.  If you want to add a little ‘meat’ to the lesson … use the “Smart Learning” frame work to help students scaffold through the gradual release of responsibility process.  Results = great end products and ALL students were engaged!

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